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Clarification on Cenozoic Smack please

Here’s the icon for Cenozoic Smack:


First obvious issue is that this is a strike, not an impact so there should be one less claw mark but whatever.

Second, and why I’m asking is: why does the move remove dodge but NOT cloak? The definite icon is supposed to mean the hit “will get through” per

But the text and game play “bears” this out, CS does not remove cloak.


(Now, I’m actually fine if this is how it’s supposed to function, as gives IndoT and a few others half a chance of being a counter so PLEASE don’t add cloak removal to the move)

It seems like this is supposed to be a resilient strike that also cleanses vulnerability but doesn’t remove cloak?

Then lastly, is this move precise? Obviously it doesn’t matter for dodgers, but is it a guaranteed hit through cloak? The icon (and game play) seem to say yes, but the text does not. Has anyone had a cloaker dodge this move successfully?

I was going to submit this as a bug @Ned but there are just so many inconsistencies with it that I couldn’t tell if this was just a text/icon issue or an actual issue with the move itself.


cloak is a form of dodge…

I’m aware. But if you use CS against each - you’ll see the move only removes dodge.

@Somedinoguy, I just got an update from our team. :smiley:

It looks like the ability description is correct. The ability removes Dodge and not Cloak. Our team will review the icon for Cenozoic Smack. :mag:

Thanks @Ned! So small follow up question but the move is also precise?

Here’s my thing,
why does it remove dodge and not cloak even though cloak is a form of dodge?
That makes no sense and I think the ability needs to be updated so it will remove cloak AND dodge

Cloak and dodge are similar moves but they are not the same. Both have the potential to mitigate damage but cloak also increases damage output. In the code they are different moves.

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Cloak is a form of dodge. They are the same in the fact they can both have a chance to dodge damage from a move

not necessarily in order to make Indot viable. This t
hing don’t have a counter after turn 1…

Now I understand why it is also precise. Since it doesn’t remove cloak, it can still go through it. Interesting choice, it’s probably on purpose.

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that’s not the argument I am trying to make. My point is that evasive stance and cloak for instance are BOTH the same in the regard as in the can both negate some percentage of damage

but, cloak does double or triple on revenge

75% chance to dodge 67% of damage for 2 turn(s). ( here is the description for cloak)
75.0% chance to Dodge By 66.7% for 3 turn(s), 4 attack(s). (Here is the decription for evasive stance)
Both have dodge description in them so they are both dodge moves

still an evasive move though no matter what

I would say so :thinking: , if it hits through Cloak without removing it.

but if it remove cloak, ludia will put the text just like resilient strike

I’ve yet to see IndoT dodge it, so I assume as much also but since it’s not stated specifically in the move text, it’s hard to say. 3rd party battle simulator treats it as non-precise because of the text and this and is why I ask.

And I said, “I think the ability needs to be updated so it will remove cloak AND dodge”

and actually @Spino2318 do you want it to remove cloak or no.?

So you want it to be able to completely wipe the floor with one of its only counters? Got it.