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Clarification on Cenozoic Smack please

Yes because it makes a lot of sense. There would be no point me in have this discussion if I didn’t belive it needed to go through cloak as well

  • I like cenozoic Punch for now
  • Needs to remove cloak…

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Nice assumption to make

nah see, he agrees with me…

one of its best counter is Indot’s destroy shields…

the best counter would be mortem. it wipes the floor with vasilas with a minimum of two moves

I’ll try to get confirmation on this from our team.

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Agree that Morty and IndoT are the two best options (assuming faster for Morty). But I’d rather have 2 options rather than just one.

People usually have mortem with max speed. It will more than likely out speed vasilas

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10 sad pachy sounds because account not fixed…

also, phorurex is a good counter as well as mortem. I have also seen a tenontorex take a vasilas down

Have it, yes. Are running it on their team? Morty got so nerfed it fails against too many other things. Had to take it off the team, as did most everyone else in shores. Other arenas I can’t speak to but I’m saying when you run up against a level 30 max boosted bear, you’re gonna want as many options as possible.

this is gonna sound super sillly, but I have even seen a BARYONYX take down a vasilas. A lot of people dont have a lvl 30 fully boosted vasilas either. only a hand full

For sure, faster chomper is the way to go. But only a matter of time until you see more of them and also stronger ones.

A good choice (i would say) is tryo. has the crush turn 1 then a big ol rampage. Usually it is a fast fierce creature you would need to use to take down a bear. It is part resilient after all so fierce would beat it

Fierce only work if they’re decel immune and vasilas doesn’t have devastation up. They’re also, fierce, which means something like scorp or compsocal will instantly swapped on them

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Any word on if CS is precise @Ned ?

Sorry about that, @Somedinoguy. Let me poke our team again. :sweat_smile:

Update: Hey Somedinoguy, the ability is considered to be Precise. If you notice any discrepancies, please don’t hesitate to let our team know.

Thank you!

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