Clarification on incubators


My game is in Italian. There is a tip that seems to hint that when all incubators slots are full, I will get more DNA out of them. And as a matter of fact, each incu shows a guaranteed minimum of what I’m gonna get out of them. Is my interpretation correct? If not, please explain what the tip and the line on the incus say. Tyvm.


Hey Elitre, thanks for writing in! Incubators contain resources for the game. However, the resources you receive are random depending on the type of Incubator you open. The slots you mentioned are for battle Incubators, which you receive for winning battles in the Arena. However, if your slots are full, you will not receive an Incubator for winning.

Players can learn more about Incubators by searching “Incubators” on our FAQ page here:


Thanks. Is there a repository where I can read all the original tips? I suspect something got lost in translation.