Clarify what "1 turn / 2 turns" means

Among the many things I’m starting to get tired about this game, one is surely that attack’s explanation says something, and then the attack on field acts differently.

What “1 turn” or “2 turns” means?
For what I’ve learnt in more than a year of playing, 1 turn is when both dinos have attacked.

  • I attack, you attack, apply all effects = 1 turn
  • in case of switch ins, you switch, I attack, then both of us attack = 1 turn

Stygimoloch’s shields last 1 turn.
Opponent’s stygi attacks, puts up shield, I attack = 1 turn
He attacks’ again (instant rampage), then I attack BUT shields are still there.

What is 1 turn then?
Why my Diplo’s shields (lasting 1 turn) work as said and opponent’s not?

Turns act differnetly since 2.0.
This turn: the buff or debuf will last until the resolution of the current round. Example: IIT is used against an Erlidom’s Cloak. IIT resolves because it last for the round, even tho the round is over after it was put in place.
1 Turn: The buff or debuf will resolve after the individual affected takes their next full action. (attack, skip, and swap ins)
2 Turn: The buff or debuf will resolve after the individual affected takes 2 complete actions

Buffs and debufs can also resolve before the turn requirement is up if the number of attacks used/absorbed meets the limit.

the system is still a bit buggy and turns aren’t properly represented on occasion. in the case with the stygimoloch, the opponent’s shield should’ve been gone, but wasn’t. That was a bug.


Why change them if they worked good in the past?

Also, after the big reset of some months ago, things like Instant shields were finally able to stand one entire turn if opponent was quicker and used another instant ability.
He/she goes first with an instant ability, you go second with instant shields, but then shields are up for his/her next attack.
Now (I mean, since some time) this thing isn’t no more. If you go second with instant shields, they are wasted.