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Clash Of Champions!

I am sure all of us know about Clash Of Champions,till you reach level 60 for clash of Titans,you have clash of champions,but the reward is not worth the investment,it is only a super rare aquatic,before it was land,but now a super rare aquatic after level 25, which will go on till level 60,and I am sure that it is not worth it,before it was acceptable because it rewarded 325 lp,now it is less than a 100. So it would be nice of ludia if they could change the reward after a certain point, clash of champions is something I am not sure I can ever appreciate,maybe just extend the number of events to 14 and put it as 2 weeks,and change the reward,after say level 45 , or introduce something in between clash of champions and clash of Titans,something that rewards atleast a regular legendary or still rewards a super rare aquatic but includes DB in prizes and increased loyalty points.

How is it not worth it?

You have all week to complete the event and it only costs you coins.


Yeah, the reward is definitely kinda lame, especially when you get past level 50.

Once you have enough coin production even the common rumble is worth doing to see if you can get a common you haven’t unlocked so it’s not so much that its not worth as it is underwhelming. I think you’re right in that it would be a better game if there was an in between clash with higher difficulty and better rewards.

Having said that The game has enough events with worthwhile rewards that I didn’t really care much! My market is so full and I really don’t want to sell my dinos for just DNA, I want to hatch them!