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Clash of the chickens part 2

In the first part, I have diloracheirus, Erlidominus, and erlikospyx fight to the death without their abilities, only claws, and jaws. But how would the fight go if they had their abilities (expect for immunity, so erlidom can have negative effects put on it) and who would come out on top this time?

I’m hoping that green chicken has a better chance this time

Clearly Erlidominous has the upper hand

Is erlikogama included in this clash?

Sure, why not?

I’m going with Earlidominus. Everything about it looks stronger. It’s claws are the most terrifying and I’d assume it would have a stronger bite force. Diloracheirus has a better mouth for biting, but Spyx… Looks doomed.

In terms of appearance, erlikogama seems like the most suitable for battle, though I’m not considering their abilities here. It’s head looks like It could have a higher bite force than the rest and it also has the raptor claw on it’s feet.

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It does? I didn’t even notice

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It’s not as much as the raptors but It does have a bigger foot claw