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Clash of the chickens part 3 (final version)

In the first 2 parts I had the big 3 chickens duel to the death with and without their abilities but now I just wanna have ALL chickens fight to the death with
All abilities at their disposal. (Including immunity)

I spent way too much time on this fixing spelling errors and bad grammar

I still think Erlidom will win, though Procera seems like it has a good chance to win too.

I still say Erlidom has the upper hand.

Erlindom and MEGA Becky seem tied

although if it ends up just being erlidominus and proceRAThoMIMEus left at the end of the fight, i can kind of imagine erlidominus just looking down at proceRAThoMIMEus while smiling sinisterly and evily, then put on a fedora and a red and dark green striped sweater while saying something like “how sweet, RAT MEAT!” before the freddy krueger of dinosaurs/dinosaur hybrids impales proceRAThoMIMEus on its long and sharp claws (quetzalcoatlus style) to make BBQ of it over a huge bonfire while making an evil sinister laugh… MWUAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha!


oh, and if you didn’t get what i meant by that…

now imagine that beak being erlidominus’ claws impaling proceRAThoMIMEus instead of a goat…


Erlidom would win since its immunity would block it from bleeding. It could literally take all the other chickens attacks and shrug them off like nothing since it cant bleed, and you know what they say “If it bleeds we can kill it” well Erlidom cant bleed so you can’t kill it.

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but aren’t all the chickens immune as well?

Erlidom then

I mean, Dilo isn’t immune. That just means it’s dead faster though.

diloracheirus is not immune at all, last time i checked erlikospyx is only immune to deceleration deinocheirus, erlikosaurus and erlikosaurus aren’t immune at all, last time i checked erlikogamma us only immune to swap prevention, and gallimimus, ornithomimus, proceRAThoMIMEus and monoMEMEus are all 100% immune to all negative effects (besides direct damage ofcourse), erlidominus is also 100% immune to all negative effects (besides direct damage), and (if y’all countvthem as chickens aswell) phorusrhacos and kelenken are only immune to deceleration, and phorusaura is only immune to swap prevention

oh, so the erlkosaurs are chickens

idk, their hybrids and super hybrids are apparently considered chickens, so why not them too?

By all chickens I mean purple chicken, grandma chicken (eroikogamma) mexichicken, and others