Clash of the Titans and Gorgosaurus, park at 56.5, help to lvl60

My park is at level 56.5 and I want to try Clash of the Titans to unlock Gorgosaurus.

  1. What can I do to get up 3.5 levels ASAP? I’m currently around 25.x on the story line and getting coin collection missions (2.5million from carnivores right now, almost done). Any other ideas to level it up? (I did a 8million food for 30million coin trade to get a TON of decorations yesterday. Most animals are near +100%)

  2. I read I need to complete 28 events to get into Clash of the Titans? (I read it in a thread about a glitch and being reduced to 14 for one month.) I’m guessing that will take me about 12 days. So, I need to get to 60 this week or early next week.

  3. How long/hard is a Clash of the Titans? Could I do it in a couple of days? Will a newly level 60 park be able to do it? (I’m guessing it is standard PvE based off of my ferocity?)

Thanks for any tips!

Unfortunately for you, you have to be lvl 60 at the moment the clash of titans becomes available. So I guess nothing to do, then to make sure next month you are lvl 60. Best ways to level up, is expanding your park if possible, and placing lots of Apatosaurus Fossil’s

The quickest way to gain experience is to place decorations; the more expensive the decoration, the more experience you will earn. Hatching out creatures and completing daily and story missions will help as well. Once you unlock Clash of Titans it is a five or six round battle based on Ferocity.


Quickest way to level up is to buy expensive decorations. Each one you place will give you some xp.

Clash of titans can be finished in a day or two, depending on the dinosaurs you have. Its only 5 battles.

Good luck.


Buy and place Apatosaurus fossils

  1. Buy and sell the most expensive decorations as often you can with your coins. Each decoration gives you some XP. This takes some time and coins but it is a good way to level up.
  2. I can’t confirm that CoT is reduced to 14 events.
    You have at least two events per day, that means you can succeed in two weeks.
    CoT lasts until beginning of April, that is more than enough time for you.
  3. CoT depends on your average ferocity and for me it is normally easier than a standard VIP event. Depending on how deep you lineup is you should be able to do it in less than two days.

But I do not know if a running CoT is activated for you when you reach the required level after its activation.

Good luck.


Thanks for all of the tips.

I’ll post back when I hit level 60 and if it unlocks CoT for me or not.

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I just remembered that buying park extensions also gets good xp. Probably not worth the DB but if you’ve got extensions foir coins available then use them.

Can anyone confirm if what @Belboxtel said above is true?

I am also looking to unlock CoT (currently Lv59), but if I had to unlock it at the beginning of March, then I won’t be able to unlock this month’s dino. :worried:

I am just waiting for Sunday, to see the event schedule for next week in case there is an unlock event for levels xx - 59 and then another unlock for Lv60+ players.

After speaking to the team, My understanding is that once you hit level 60 you can compete in the current Clash of Titans. However, you will only start unlocking ribbons from the point when you turn 60. Depending on when you become level 60 there may not be enough events left to participate in the current Clash of Titans.


Thank you for confirming @Keith !

I couldn’t get to lev60 until today, so after completing clash of the champions, I leveled up to 60 this morning.

I can CONFIRM that it will unlock Clash of the Titan when you hit lev60.



great to hear, and my excuses about misinforming you. I was told it wouldn’t unlock. Good luck catching up!!

If you can complete everything, you should have plenty of time to complete Clash


That is the plan! Thanks.