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Clash of the titans unlock question

So today I decided to fight in the Clash of the Titans unlock event for Acanthostega, and after the five battles I open the pack and I put in the hatchery one. Then I wanted to buy a second one but it appears locked in the market, it only says “unlocked in battle stage 85” and that otherwise is not available. I have previously received and unlocked the Segnosaurus but because it was an update related bug that may not be the norm. So my question is: after completing the Clash of the Titans you only receive one creature or you got to unlock it?

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You unlock whatever you get in CoT… maybe you can write in to support about this issue…


same problem for me
what the solution for that?

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Completing the COT should give you the unlock. If you did not receive it, please either write to or use the in-game support system and they will look into it for you.
Thank you.

I didn’t get the unlock either.

@Jurassic_Fury are you sure you have it?

@Predator_X umm when I went through “Locked” in my market, I didn’t see Acanthostega. But haven’t hatched it yet. Will do it today and let you know.

Can’t be just some of us. Everyone under level 85 who’s done the Acanthostega CoT must be having this problem.

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I agree with @Predator_X. We all might have this problem if we didn’t do the battle stage unlock.

Ludia look into this. I’ve already sent a ticket to support. Just give everyone level 60-84 an Acanthostega unlock.


Guess this is what happens when people vote for a battle stage unlock for a CoT.

I don’t think this has happened in the past tho.

@Predator_X I looked it in now, and looks like it’s locked for me too. A second messed up CoT, in a row no less.

Looks like they had to do what happened to Segno.

@Daven can you look into this? Acanthostega CoT doesn’t unlock it.

I’m holding off on doing CoT since this bug is present.
We only get one copy of the creature but not an unlock.

Hey @Predator_X,
We’ve mentioned the problem to the dev team, and they are aware of it.

As Keith initially suggested, for now, we advise Dino trainers to contact our Support team either in-game or via e-mail at so that they can look onto it.

It’s possible that you haven’t received any answers yet, as they usually take up to 5 business days to reply.

Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:

If you don’t get the unlock after beating CoT they’ll give you the unlock in your mailbox, don’t fret. Just finish CoT and hatch the Acanthostega early, it’ll clog your hatchery for a week.

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I better not put it in the first hatchery slot like I did with my Yutyrannus!