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Clash of Titans and market big issue

Hello everyone, I’ve just sent a ticket and I don’t know if anyone else of you is having these same issues, that might be related:
No. 1: Yesterday morning I completed the Clash of Titans and got the Sphenacodon. By yesterday night my Sphenacodon was gone and the last match of the CoT appeared as pending again. I thought that’s odd maybe I’m going crazy and I haven’t completed it yet, so I did it again. Today I wake up to exactly the same situation. My Sphenacodon was gone and the CoT appeared again as incomplete.
No. 2: Yesterday I bought a 10k LPs pack and got a Giant Orthocone, today it was gone as were also my LPs.
No. 3: Yesterday I left the creation lab fusing two lvl 30 Ophiacodons. Today it was finished but instead of getting a level 31 creature, I got a lvl 21 and the two original lvl 30 appeared in their paddock again.
There’s something really messed up with my game.

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New discoveries:
No 4.: Last night I won a common pack via infinite battle, and a battle for a rare pack was supposed to be available tonight. Today I have an available battle for a common pack, and the common creature I won yesterday is gone (I don’t remember which one I got).

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I guess Ludia wants me to quit!

I just remembered that the same thing happened with yesterday’s event:
Won a Baculites >> disappeared. Event pops again, won a Kronosaurus. Gone.

Include your support key🙂

I already did

New discovery: yesterday I sent two Phorusrhacos to the hatchery, and today they reappeared in the market, but the ones in the hatchery are still there.
This game is so messed up that has become unplayable.

Hello Denver! Thanks for the report and I’m sorry for the trouble.

The team should reply directly to you as soon as they can if you already sent an email to In the meantime, please refrain from sending another one before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue. Thanks!