Clash of Titans easy for most?

This was the last battle today. Unlocked and beat all the battles to unlock metrocan this morning. Does everyone beat clash of Titans battles the same day and never lose? I could level up more Dino’s but am hesitant to make it where only my best 3 or so Dino’s can be used which would have a long cool down as well. The game is still fun but don’t want to level up too much and can’t accomplish everything where now I can.

Of course you can level up and achieve all your goals as long as the ferocity of your 15 strongest dinos stays balanced.
My opponents in Clash of Titans were much stronger as yours but I did not lose a single battle too.

If you find that you can do all of your Clash battles, plus more, in one sitting, you have a very balanced lineup

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I finished the Clash of the Titans battles in one day today, with no cool downs. The last battle was 3 x herbivores which meant I could use less ferocious creatures though

I won’t be able to do a couple of days events unless I want to spend lots of bucks though but my priority was this unlock so Im good with that

I wouldn’t level up even if you can complete CoT in one day - Id sit on that and build resources and even more balance then you are in a great position when you do level up

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I’m surprised there isn’t something that rewards a higher ferocity. For example the infinite mode daily battle stage have a range of ferocity and the pack/reward is greater. Just an idea to have something to reward increasing ferocity to motivate me to level up more.

That would be the tournaments.

Past a certain point, you get punished there, too, because your teams will earn fewer points

True, but the OP does have some room still before getting to that point. I think it’s good advice to not rush it but to take your time and savor the days of having CDs less than a day.

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Most tournaments I get dominator with little to no bucks spent and the hardest one was gorgosuchus which I spent ~3k bucks on which was a deal to me. It’s just interesting to me that this game has dino potential that doesn’t need to be reached to accomplish everything in the game. Dominator level in tournaments, clash of Titans, all daily battles. I can do all of those with my strongest being a level 40 stegoceratops and I rarely ever use that. So strongest I mostly use is level 10 gorgosuchus. The game is still fun but could be more fun if something else motivates to reach higher levels with a better reward.

Not just do you not need to get to the highest level, it’s pretty clear that doing so will screw up your game. While I get that this doesn’t seem right, it does seem the developers are continuing to add new dinosaurs and hybrids to the game and introducing new elements (albeit not necessary something players always like, I’m looking at you, Mods). And hopefully they’ll listen and address things like the need for a better ptero to match the other classes at the top.

But yeah even if it wasn’t leveling up the dinosaurs, it’d be nice if there were more things to do on a regular basis to encourage daily game play (we’ve discussed the missions for instance, there’s no reason those couldn’t be something they continue to add new ones of, but the rewards for doing them would need to be addressed as well, as they stink once you get to level 75 and don’t need experience).

Yes, something new would be great.
I know the I repeat myself but I would love to see a new biodome for insects. And why not have a biodome with animals that became extinct in recent times. Could be some contribution from Ludia to remind us all to what mankind is doing to this planet.

I would love to see things like that too, I’m just aware of how much work something like that would be. At least missions would be a pretty easy update to make, since it wouldn’t require lots of new graphics, animations, etc. Of course, as a newer player, dealing with the 3 areas we already have is challenging enough (particularly how more expensive they are… just made my first SR aquatic hybrid… 20K for each additional one? Ouch!)

What is any reason I should level up Dino’s? Strongest is level 40 stegoceratops, then 6 gorgosuchus, then level 20 VIPs. To have less Dino’s with a longer cool down doesn’t make sense if I can win tournaments and clash of Titans is easy as well. I think the game needs more challenges with better rewards to somehow motivate leveling up.

To level or not to level, that is the question. One must reflect on this and answer it for him/herself.

It’s just surprising that a game lets you determine the difficulty and there is no end goal. What about a final mission battle of indo, segno, and metra all level 40. And the reward is tons of cash, idk. I enjoy the game and still play. Never have and never will pay for VIP. Not sure why I would if no end goal.

Well, if you are concerned about unlocking certain creatures, you’re going to have to continue to increase in level…

If you’re not so worried, then, yeah, you’ve got an awesome lineup. Don’t complain and enjoy the easy victories

What additional creatures can I unlock by leveling up Dino’s? Other than certain hybrids.

Well, that’s why one of the most often requested features is more game levels and improving the missions even after you max your level. It would give players more goals to shoot for other than just collecting everything and trying to max them out (which as we know, ruins other game elements when you do that). And yeah, I don’t know that the VIP is all that worth it once you are at a point where you can easily finish at the top of Dominator. It has though been a HUGE help for me in getting to a point where I can be competitive in that division a lot sooner.

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I would say until you have completed all of the missions, reached the highest level (currently 75), have a level 40 of every creature, unlocked for purchase in the market all creatures, and are still able to compete in all aspects of the game you have not completed the game. Or at least that is how I am approaching the game, you do you though.


Maybe because fighting isn’t everything in this game.

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