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Clash of Titans events

I am wondering what the dinosaurs will roughly be when I do clash of Titans for example will they be better than me or about the same ferocity level this is my lineupimage

Oil, ptera and icthyo are making ur events harder


So, does that mean it is durable but very hard?

Ptera with 203+ health

the clash of titans battle is super hard, there are level 30-40 vips there’s 3 on each team

I’m stuck on the fourth battle. the opponent is level 40 acrocanthosaurs level 40 wuerhosaurus and level 40 baryonx I’m on level 68 and my best dinos are monostegotops, indominus rex kentrosaurus spinoraptor metrialong and a few level 40 legendaries

When I did mine for first time, it was slightly higher ferocity of my lineup but very doable.

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Ok thx
10 cha

I have no idea why your battles are so hard but mine just have level 40 tourneys and 20-30 vips.

Doable. My F4F is way harder.
Amphibian that doesn’t die to acro in 1 hit
Best amphibian

mine is also doable, I just got the segnosaurus. I can’t hatch it since I have 4 dilophosaurus gen 2’s just hatching