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Clash of Titans - February-March 2021

Lower levels? I thought only level 60+s can vote in COT

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That’s what I meant, some players struggle in dom even after level 60, I bet that most of the 28 percenters fall into this category

Plus the fact banana fish has a hybrid whereas the others dont.

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As long as the game tends to give less importance to the other two areas beyond their collectional and cosmetic features, players are gonna be showing most of their interests on the jurassics for sure. Then there is no place to surprise after all. We all know @Aether_12’s thoughts on this from earlier, so actually it is not just his thoughts on the issue but of the majority itself. If we cannot integrate those two areas into more often tourneys or so, at least we can see some new dedicated events designed just to higher up their appeal in the eye of the users. (Something more fun the the stampedes or the glitching boss missions seemingly.) Then we can talk about or discuss upon why always the jurassics seem to be winning most of the times.

Bonus: Just an example for a more attractive way of encouraging people to have more aquatics, they can add a “climb up” type battle road like as it was back in the good old days of JPB. We can experience different type of encounters along our journey in an increasing scale of difficulty as it is with the Battle Stages. Those creatures can be imported from the JWA universe and serve as a teaser for the upcoming creatures gonna be added in the game within the following updates just for example.

To my personal opinion, I would like to see a recreatible layout interface for both of other two areas like we have only for the jurassics. JPB was a great example for this by serving three wide spectrums for the collectional purposes. By the current progression of the mobile gaming both by the means of graphical enhancements and the playability, I would’ve liked to see much more than the current shape of the lagoon and the biodome itself. When we click on them, we should’ve been able to visit another park layouts just dedicated to them with all of the decorative features and ambiance. Just an opinion though, clear as daylight as it is gonna need a gigantic more optimization than this current version for sure, on the other hand which I can see.


Yup and ludia answered our calls with geolasmosaur… :man_facepalming:

I’m starting to think that these gaps in the game are intentional, lack of strong reefs, lack of strong amphibs.

But no let’s release another cave and another carnivore… smh

Great ideas @Cagkan_Coskun however my phone is just about able to handle the game in it’s current state let alone a whole park dedicated to the fishes and cenos :sweat_smile:


Yeah my main concern would be exactly that and that one only. A more crashing, more device burning and a more glitching gameplay experience. :man_facepalming: A new dimension, a new layer into the game that you actually never gonna be able to enjoy properly. Nevermind, let’s forget what I’ve said. :man_shrugging::zipper_mouth_face:


Sometimes Facebook/Twitter; sometimes here. Apparently, at least once in-game per @Keith


Ah victory

Really wanted Kelenken to win this one, but oh well, the player majority has spoken. Happy for those who didn’t unlock Ornithocheirus.

Fun fact, Ornithocheirus was the first regular Tournament after Brachiosaurus – in between both, there was a Segnosaurus Bracketed and a Plotosaurus VIP Tournament. I don’t know why I remember this. :eyes:


Kelenken is slowly getting there! I think that’s the highest percentage so far since I’ve been giving it my vote.


Please make a parasaurolphus gen 2,dracorex, iguanodon and brachiosaurus cot. I missed them

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I agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi. Because of the unlocking suchodus all players 60+ got the unlock in their market even if they didn’t get to dominator. I didn’t participate and I got it in my market

yo same and also trike gen 2 and dilo gen 2. ive only been able to go dom just recently by going dom last minute but staying at top of pred.

Also, how long is the cycle usually for a jurassic creature to become the week’s tournament again? Or does it vary on popularity as well?

Maybe one for pteranodon gen 2 as well

Not everyone can finish in Dom. This is most likely the players who missed it but wanted it.

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Parent of a Carnivore Hybrid. That counts a lot in many players minds.

All else being equal, a Bananogmius would play a bigger role in my lineup than either of the other two. And Kelenken moreso than Ornithocheirus. And that’s due to how close the level 40s are to the top of my Aquatic and Cenozoic lineups. In fact, I’ve kept Bananogmius at level 30 for balance purposes (although I did fuse for Allonogmius).

But all else wasn’t equal, so I voted for Ornithocheirus


Most players want these creatures because they missed it the previous time around. I know how badly I wanted amargasaurus when I couldn’t secure a dom finish for it, even after I passed it ferocity-wise.


It varies, the current tournament offering has been 17-18 months since it was offered last.

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The other end of that spectrum would be Mosasaurus Gen 2 which had two tournaments within a six-month span. This definitely is the exception. For most creatures, start looking for a tournament around the one-year mark. Of course, as Ludia adds more new creatures, that ~one year span will grow.

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Bro, I’m gonna get my first Tourney Pterosaur

Yeah I want one of the snakes for the next COT.