Clash of Titans ferocity

What ferocity does it take to win Clash of Titans? Or is it unlike the tournaments and based on your Dino’s ferocity? Thanks in advance

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s based off of your Dino’s ferocity like events. I’ve only played two myself and they were the same difficulty as events.


CoT is based on the ferocity of your lineup.

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The fights do seem to be linked to the ferocity of your line-up but they are usually not as tough as F4F. And unless you only unlock the event at the last moment, you get lots of time to try each fight so cool-down is less of a problem.


It’s linked to your lineup but caps out at lvl 36-40 VIP creatures that you will face in terms of difficulty. So once you pass that threshold the event starts to get easier and easier.