Clash of Titans is missing

There’s no Clash of Titans in the Battle Menu


Not in mine either

Ludia and her problems

It’s not the start of december yet… could be the reason

Weekly schedule does say 11/30 as the start date for it…

Ah ok then I’ve pretty much done my events now aswell so probably wont get credit if they fix this soon

It’s there now, at least for me. Just a heads up

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How Nice !!! Also appeared in my game for me, what a relief !!! :relieved::relieved::relieved:

In two weeks… just 2 weeks.
I think I’m going to just sell sino, ik that sounds horrible but he’s useless to me. I just unlocked him because if he has a hybrid in the future I’ll be able to unlock it. Getting metri 30s or even metriphodon would be so much more useful to me, and getting 3.8k DNA is gonna boost that


I’m gonna hatch one out just cos I like the look of it, lately I’ve been taking every trade offer of unlocked tourneys for LP or bucks though as I’m closing in on my clear market strategy goal :facepunch:

That’s tupuxaura and proteoryblabla gone


The earth shattering and COT didn’t show up for me either then I did a few events and they both showed up afterwards. What stinks is those would’ve counted towards unlocking the COT event…lesson learned and best to wait a bit until it’s all on there to make the best of it

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Yeah, same with me. Gutted as that was 3 events towards unlocking it that I’ve missed now.