Clash of Titans Missing

Thought I’d start a thread for this since we have yet to hear anything from Ludia as to why it’s not showing up. ANYONE seeing it?

@Ned - are the developers aware that the scheduled Clash of Titans is not showing up for the players?

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@Mary_Jo, my strongest support for this thread.


Hopefully, once it is activated, the requirements will be adjusted due to fewer opportunities to unlock Clash.

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Yes, although the last time they made a similar screwup and had to make such an adjustment, they didn’t take into account those of us that are VIPs so we had to do more than we would have needed to do otherwise.

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Clash is active on my end. Of course, there is no credit for the past events that were supposed to have counted …

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I’m seeing it too. Is 28 the typical number of events needed?


Ten characters