Clash of Titans Possible Issue

Is Clash of Titans appearing in anyone else’s s-DNA missions? I did receive credit for today’s missions, but the reward for completing Clash is no longer present.

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For me it’s gone too. I think this happened before and I’m confident that it is going to come back.

It’s still there for me. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t credit for one of yesterdays events for the unlock total

Hey everyone, our team could take a closer look if you reach out to them here at with your support key. :smiley:

@Andy_wan_kenobi is this what you’re getting too? Listing 3 events but a counter of 4 with Clash not listed. It. does still show from the battle screen though.

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Yes. Exactly

This is what I am seeing as well. I currently am showing Clash at 20/28. I’ve completed all available events for it as far as I know, including the VIP exclusives.

Yeah I’ve done all the events too. It shorted me on the sdna pack event from the other day hence 19. I’ll still make it with no problem so I’m not going to get in a twist about that…so long as no other issues occur.

I think what’s happened, is sense Spinosuchus is obtainable now, they’ve sense changed the S-DNA to Kaprosuchus S-DNA, but it might have messed up the clash of titan S-DNA. Which is a bit annoying, because 50 S- DNA does help a lot to get to 2000 needed to make Spinosuchus. Having said that, I think 2000 S-DNA needed to fairly reasonable.

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At the moment it is still missing.

I just unlocked the Clash of Titans event but there is still no SDNA reward. It disappeared a few days ago and did not come back.

30 minutes later the event is completed and I got no SDNA. Maybe it is no longer a part of Clash of Titans, that would be very sad.

Same for me, unlocked it and completed it, (even though I unlocked Ceratosaurus when it first came out) and I didn’t get the S-DNA reward.

Sitting at one battle to go to complete…

The issue is now corrected, at least for me. I did wait until it was corrected to complete Clash. So, if you already completed it and didn’t get your s-DNA, make sure you turn in a ticket.


And again I was too greedy, completed the event and got no reward.
I opened a ticket, let’s see what is going to happen.

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I saw today, 17/09/21, for a new voting for the next clash of titans.
I noticed that they use the same creatures to vote for for the last 2 years.

Don’t get me wrong, they are all amazing creatures.
But I wished they can show some new faces for the voting like amargasaurus, wooly mammoth, mastodon, einiosaurus, pachyrhinosaurus,gastornis, gigantophis, titanoboa,…
Or even the more recent ones like gryposuchus, the gen2s, iguanodon, edmontosaurus, brachiosaurus, sonorasaurus,…