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Clash of Titans reward starting 3/8/19


@Ned something for the developers, I noticed that the new Clash of Titans SDNA reward is missing:

Lots of time to fix before anyone has the chance to collect, let me know if a support ticket is needed or not. I am assuming this is affecting everyone and not just me.


Not on my side. Maybe if depends on the installation…mine is German. However I actually have another issue. I do no longer have access to my Triceratops. It is supposed to be in the dino storage, but I can not find it I there.


Hey Sionsith, our team would be happy to take a closer look if you could send them over that screenshot along with your support key here at In the meantime, could you try restarting the game and clicking on the mission tab again to see if that helps?

@Tommi, thanks for letting us know you’re not having this issue. Also, our team could take a look into your account and see what might have happened with your dino if you sent them an email as well. Thanks!


Thanks @Ned. I already opened this issue from within the app by using the support feature.


Mine’s actually showing a very generous 50 s-dna reward.


Wow, for me there is only 20…curious.


@Ned, looks like mine updated when the tournament started and looks good now, very excited about the SDNA reward amount, tell who ever decided to up that reward… Thank you!!!


Mine was updated too. My reward now is 50 as for the others.