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Clash of Titans Sep/Oct - Poll

Choice is between three Herbivores, make your voice heard: Poll


Voted for Zalmoxes, but to be honest I don’t really care, tournament creatures are piling up in my market as I’ve no space or time to hatch them.

They aren’t really bad, but aren’t good either (only if you really want a hybrid out of those), would be great if these crazy hatching times for them would be reduced.

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Since we have hybrid tournament can we have clash of titans hybrid

I still have 5 tournament creatures I need to unlock. I’d rather get those and then the hybrids, which assuming I play long enough will eventually be unlocked on their own


Ha, when I saw the news item about a poll, I actually thought they might have borrowed from my idea and poll the players about what other new features they would like. Oops!


Voted Zalmoxes, but don’t really care as none have hybrids and none are particular favorites of mine. At least it’s not another carnivore

I voted for Zalmoxes since it’s the only one I don’t have.