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Clash of Trolls 😂

I just finished this month’s Clash of titans and I received the keleken … or maybe not hahahahahaha

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Hello Lucas, we are aware of the issue and working on fixing it. At this time we ask you NOT to write to support.


It is just a display issue, you get the correct creature.

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@Tommi - some though have reported that the Keleken did not get unlocked… so for them, it’s more than just a display issue. Sounds like Ludia are on it though.

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I understand, otherwise there would be no reward in the in game mailbox to unlock it.
My fault.

How is this possible u guys already completed clash of titans? I do every event, every day and still need one more to start playing the cot matches… the last cot I noticed the same u guys got there sooner then me so this time I made sure I didn’t miss a event…

u need to not do the first days battles until the CoT shows up, cos for some reason it isnt ready at the same time as the battles. edit, that and maybe there is another battle showing up cos of park lvls/vip

Are you a VIP? If not that’s two extra events/week that count toward Clash


Ah, okay… then that is the reason.! I was unaware the extra VIP events counted for the cot as well. Ty