Class catagories

Ok so while playing the game in the back of my mind I have been thinking about each of the classes in the game: CUNNING, RESILIENT, and FIERCE. But I know I’m not the only one who has thought of this but: each class has “categories” to them, for example:
Cunning’s have speed boosters and distractions
Resilient’s have shields and healing moves
and Fierce’s have DoT and Armor-piercing moves
And I know that they each have more than that, but I wanna see if I can get a few people to help me compile subcategories for each class.
Here is the rest of each class (from what I can think of):
CUNNING: Nullify, Crit negation, and dodge.
RESILIENT: Stun, Slowing, and Vulnerable.
FIERCE: Shield shattering, Attack and crit boost, and swap prevention.
I may have missed or mixed a few things here, and i do know that some of these sit on the border between classes. EX. Stun and Attack boost.
Idk let me know your opinions on this.
I almost forgot about Wild Cards, while they don’t have their own moves that belong to their class in my opinion I think that any move types that may seem in between any of the other three classes should be considered a Wild Card ability. thoughts?



Nullification and Cleanse are class-neutral, although you could argue that Cleansing DoT is Cunning, Cleansing Distraction is Resilient and Cleansing Vulnerability is Fierce.

Vulnerability is also class-neutral, or Resilient, depends on what you think of the Purus.

Healing moves are also neutral, but it’s sort of debatable. There are quite a few non-resilients with healing moves.


scapho, posto, scaphotator, tryo

Resilients mostly use stunning attacks though it doesn’t make sense because some/most cunning creatures resist/are immune to stun but fierce creatures aren’t

Gryposuchus is an exception to that and so are Thor, Draco rat and allosino cuz they’re pure fierce but made from stunning resilients

I compiled these a while back. An important distinction I made is that not all abilities are created equal, and some are more strongly assumed with a class than others. For example, shields are a major resilient ability: every dino with a shielding move is at least partially resilient. On the other hand, healing is a minor resilient ability: it is a resilient ability, and dinos with only healing moves (like Iguanodon and Parasaurolophus) will be resilient, but other dinos can have healing moves without being resilient (e.g. Tryo, Postimeterodon). This helps make sense of a lot of edge cases (like Mammoth having Ferocity, Thor having stun, Tuoramoloch having speed increase, Erlikosaurus having precise, etc.)

Here is the list I came up with:

Major abilities: Distraction, Dodge
Minor abilities: Speed Increase, Critical Chance Reduction, maybe Dodge?, cleanse negative fierce effects, nullify positive fierce effects.

Major abilities: Shield Break (aka Defense Shattering), Damage over Time
Minor abilities: Armor Piercing, Ferocity, Swap Prevention, Rend %, Crit Chance Increase, cleanse negative resilient effects, nullify positive resilient effects

Major abilities: Deceleration, Shields
Minor abilities: Healing, Vulnerability, Dodge Removal, Precise, Taunt, cleanse negative cunning effects, nullify positive cunning effects, Stun?

Neutral abilities: Cleanse, Nullify, Stun?


Cloak = Dodge + damage increase
Rending attack = Rend % (think swap-in savagery) + shield break + armor piercing


Stun’s tricky

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Stun is weird, because while most stun users are resilient (or gain stun from their resilient ancestry), stun resistance is kind of all over the place. Even then, plenty of stun-resistant or immune dinos are cunning, which you wouldn’t expect for a resilient ability. So it could be neutral?

Vulnerability, on the other hand, is resisted by fierce and resilient, and cleansed by fierce attacks, which is what one would expect from a resilient ability. Almost all Vulnerability users are resilient, and if it was a fierce ability, you wouldn’t expect so many resilients to resist or be immune to it. So I am confident that Vulnerability is primarily resilient. The Purus are still fierce though, since their kits only include one resilient ability each (Vulnerability strike), while mostly focusing on fierce abilities (swap prevention and Ferocity). That said, the idea of it helping to do more damage is definitely more thematically fierce, even if the ability itself is still resilient.


Are there any other abilities?

Is prowl and deliberate prowl a cunning-fierce move? It grants dodge and crit chance increase and is used by a cunning (smilo) and a fierce (lion)

It would be. The crit increase effect is fierce, and the dodge is cunning. The crit increase is only a minor fierce ability though, so Smilodon doesn’t need to be cunning-fierce itself. Dodge could also be argued to be a minor cunning ability, since no multi-class creature has only dodge moves representing their cunning class (the closest is Quetzorion with sidestep, but it also has speed increase, another cunning ability), which isn’t true for any other major abilities (for example, DoT is Spinoconstrictors only fierce ability, and Shielding is Tupandactylus’s only resilient ability). That’s why I don’t look at whole moves, and instead examine the individual ability effects that a creature has.


I agree that stun is neutral it’s found across all classes, some as has been said is inherited, what’s interesting though is before 2.0 dropped, would I be right in thinking rixis would’ve been fierce not resilient if the class system had existed.

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Arguments for stun being resilient:

Almost all stun users either are resilient, or inherit it from a resilient ancestor. For the non resilients:

Dracoceratops and Dracoceratosaurus: original stun user Triceratops Gen 2 (resilient)

Phorusaura: original stun user Maiasaura (resilient)

Smilocephalosaurus and Smilonemys: original stun user Pachycephalosaurus (resilient)

Utasinoraptor and Utarinex: original stun users Sinoceratops (resilient) and Dracorex (resilient)

Allosinosaurus and Thoradolosaur: original stun user Sinoceratops (resilient)

Exceptions: Grypolith: original stun user Gryposuchus (fierce)

Arguments for stun being neutral: stun resistance is all over the place.

For example, for 100% stun immunity: 15 cunning (9 pure cunning, 4 Cunning-Fierce, 2 Resilient-Cunning), 22 fierce (12 pure fierce, 4 Cunning-Fierce, 6 Fierce-Resilient), 21 resilient (13 pure resilient, 2 Resilient-Cunning, 6 Fierce-Resilient), 2 wild card

75% Stun resistance: 6 cunning (4 pure cunning, 1 Cunning-Fierce, 1 Cunning-resilient), 2 fierce (1 pure fierce, 1 cunning-fierce), 4 resilient (3 pure resilient, 1 Resilient-Cunning), 1 wild card

67% Stun resistance: 3 pure cunning, 2 pure resilient, 1 wild card

34% Stun Resistance: 1 Cunning-Fierce

It seems to me that since no class is clearly weaker to stun than the others, that it should be neutral, regardless of inheritance.

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I don’t remember it’s old moveset perfectly, but most likely yes. Even now I see it as Fierce-Resilient. Even though it doesn’t have any major fierce abilities, it has several minor ones (Ferocity, and two swap-prevention moves).


I believe from what I remember it was fierce strike ,stunning impact , immobilise, ferocious impact , I stand corrected on that , what’s more startling though it was just 6 months ago…lol


Close, based on the 2.0 patch notes it was Armor Piercing Strike, Greater Stunning Strike (originally Impact, but changed some time before 2.0), Immobilize, and Ferocious Impact (was originally strike, but changed at the same time as greater stunning impact) and No Escape. That moveset has four moves with minor fierce abilities and two with stun. So it would either be fierce or Fierce-Resilient, depending on whether you consider stun to be class-neutral or resilient.


Thanks @Mudkipz for that info, been interested in how rixis has evolved, I remember being able to decelerate , bleed & distract him ,I dropped him from my team pre 2.0 in Lockwood house having served his purpose in the lower arenas, now he’s top team player how the game has changed.

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Yeah he used to not be immune to deceleration. It makes sense for him to be, as a resilient/Fierce-Resilient, but it was new in 2.0.

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I updated my post to include Wild Cards ^

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Honestly, I think it is more like:
FIERCE: Defence shattering attacks
RESILIENT: heal, slowing attack, shield
CUNNING: fast, distraction, evasive
WILD CARD: DoT, and a bit of every other class