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Classes, families, and rebalancing in 2.0: would it could/should have been

Exactly (10 cause stegod forbid that people can understand each other using 1 word)

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I would classify Dio as purely resilient. For the hybrids, you have to account for all of their aspects. So doing this again, that would be…

  1. Resilient/Fierce, Resilient, Wild Card (all three), Cunning, Fierce/Cunning, Fierce/Resilient, Fierce? (Thyla is a bit of an oddball), Cunning. Counting each part separately, that’s 3 Resilient, 4 Fierce, 2 Cunning, and 1 Wild Card

  2. Wild card, Resilient/Fierce, Cunning, Resilient, Cunning/Fierce? (Spinoconstrictor is a bit of a wild card, but with distraction and dodging I would call it primarily cunning, which is very odd considering that none of it’s components are), Fierce/Cunning, Fierce/Resilient, Resilient. So 4 Resilient, 3 Fierce, 3 Cunning, 1 Wild Card.

  3. Fierce/Cunning, Resilient, Fierce/Resilient, Cunning, Resilient/Fierce, Cunning, Resilient, Wild Card. So 4 Resilient, 3 Fierce, 3 Cunning, 1 Wild Card.

  4. Resilient, Resilient/Fierce, Wild Card, Wild Card, ? (Grypolith doesn’t really fit into a nice category, but is a shield user), Fierce/Resilient, Resilient, Cunning/Fierce. So 4 Resilient, 3 Fierce, 1 Cunning, 2 Wild Card, 1 ?.

  5. Cunning/Fierce, Resilient/Fierce, Fierce/Resilient, Resilient, Wild Card, Fierce, Cunning, ?
    So 3 Resilient, 4 Fierce, 2 Cunning, 1 Wild Card, 1 ?.

This tells me a few things. For one, the top level teams are actually quite even in terms of classes, with close to even numbers of each class and some wild cards. Fierce doesn’t seem dominant: if anything, Resilients were slightly ahead. Shields were also very common. 7 out of the 16 dinos used by the top 5 can put up shields, so it makes sense that shield breaking would be a requirement on top level teams. Appropriately, 7 out of those 16 can break shields. And the three dinos found on every top 5 team (Maxima, Tryko, and Monolorhino) can both put up shields AND break them. So it seems to be an influx of fierce to deal with the shields (as you would hope to see), except that the three most commonly used shield breakers also add to the shielding problem, only further cementing their necessity on your team.


Well, then I would suggest that they keep resilient strike for some selected creatures, or give them some precise moves, they worked perfectly, didn’t they?? The problem is that too many creatures can now counter dodge and cloak, which means that it’s basically useless