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Classic Tournament please

There’s a certain kind of tournament that a lot of us have been dying to have. All dinos, real levels, no boosts. We will never get to experience an unboosted JWA again (unless we all go unboosted after the reset… wink wink) so please let us have a weekend that resembles the old days before boosts. A lot of people would appreciate this and i believe it would be the most active tournament that we’ve ever had. Please consider it, Ludia.


Boy, this would be neat! :grin:Please Ludia.

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That would be sweet. So many dinos I would love to play with that I have at L30 but lack of boosts make them unusable. I have never even used Thor once in battle and it is sitting L30


Everyone going unboosted would be great but I think it would only last long enough for someone to lose a battle and then they’ll boost, and then a chain reaction of boosts would occur.

Another thing I’d like to see is tournaments with limited match counts. A 5 day, 15 battles per day tournament. Unused matches subtract trophies from your total.

Eventually a playoff format with scheduled matches could be made so the top of the tournament’s could go into a playoff for top spot.


Tourney brackets would actually be pretty cool. If they could work in a way to stream the sweet 16 or something, even better! Logistically it’s a nightmare to make sure everyone can sync up, but it’d be pretty sweet!

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I appreciate and respect where you’re coming from but the weekend tournaments are meant to be a more level playing field and any dino at your level means anyone without a full squad of level 30s is out from the jump. I’d love to see a set level 26 no boost any level tournament, they seem to be trying very hard to avoid uniques though

Weekend tournaments are boosted sometimes, so it’s not exactly meant to be an even playing field. Some are lopsided. This is meant to resemble what JWA was like before boosts.


The boost angle did occur to me when I was replying but most current players have had similar access to boost (plus you can sell boost at the start of a tournament whereas levels have to be at least somewhat earned). My thought on this is participation, I got example have a team average of 27, high but not even top 500 worthy and a majority of players would consider that far above them so level 30s would dominate and drive entries down. I know they’re not always balanced but people are less likely to have very high level rares.

This is the only kind of tournament I have wanted. Highest levels no boosts, less speed tie nonsense somewhat anyway. I would absolutely participate in this tournament. The good old days before pay to win boostapooloza came about.

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I wouldn’t be able to be in it though :slightly_frowning_face:

Exactly I even just said this somewhere also. All dinos, all levels, and no boosts. It would be fun to see what are teams are like now classic style. It’s not asking to remove boosts. It’s just tourneys can bring back that era for short stints and it may relieve some of the hate directed at boosts if this type of tourney happened a few times…

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What about this? A tournament where RNG pick one dino from each category, Common, Rare, Epic, Legend and Unique.
All 5 goes into tournament at default level 30.
Rule remain: Defeat 3 to win…

What do you mean “and then they’ll boost”?
In the proposed example there are no boosts. Period.

Hm, I don‘t know. On one hand it‘d sure be pretty cool battling with the own team on different levels but on the other hand this would mean no fair chances for everyone.

Cuz the ranking list would look the same as in the arenas before boosts were added to the game. Those with lvl 28 teams will of course be up in the list and those who have like hybrid-level teams will stay somewhere deep down in the list.

Like if we‘d get a rare only tournament with different lvls but no boosts. Then I sure won‘t lvl my rares beyond lvl 20 for the victory. But this means, that I basically don‘t even have to participate for too long cuz soon I would face players with rare creatures beyond lvl 26.

So I would be one of the few people that wouldn‘t appreciate a level-based tournament. I sure can imagine how happy the players with high lvled creatures would be. :slight_smile:

I still prefer the current system. No boosts and all creatures set on one level, gives equal chances to everyone (except for the speed ties, this really needs to be solved).

He meant in the arena not in the tournament.He just made a wishful thinking as The Maxx did. An Arena which players after reset would not boost their Dinos by their decision.

I have made a similar suggestion long ago.The tournaments would be like Championships and have fixed number of matches(50 or 100).So the winners would not depend in the free time which may have.
Playoff format sounds intriguing.

Ah. Yeah that’s inevitable. Never gonna work :slight_smile:

I meant that at the suggestion that everyone stay unboosted after the reset.

Playoff format would be a big overhaul to the game, so maybe by 3.0.

Yeah never gonna happen. The few people that do will drop so hard that they will quit out of misery.