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ClawsUnitedJWA has now 5 open spots

So are you an active player come join us. We are a international alliance… Become Friends with all members so missions are going quicker.

Give as much DNA as you can but and just have fun playing JWA


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I would like to join your squad . I need to leave mine because nobody helps me participate in the team rush and I know I can help gain better rewards for better teams because I am a VERY active player ! Please consider me or send invite ? RitaMarieex3 is my name in the game . Accept me please !!

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Great I sent you an invite

I’d like to change alliances also, too many people with 0 trophies in mine. My username is Primemover777

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Great that jou wanna join us and you’re morr then welcome

I only need the number otherwise I can’t invite you

Our alliance is ClawsUnitedJWA
And you can find me as LightningClaw#2580

Grtz Petra