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Clean Market Strategies

Would be curious to hear from other players fairly far along in the game about how they manage their markets to keep them empty.

I’ve only recently cleared my backlog of creatures, and then cleared out mods, so I keep only the apato fossil in my market… but I’m finding this does require some more planning around when I do events and how I purchase and hatch stuff out to not end up spending more DBs than I bring in via the TH. Particularly since I don’t have any paddocks maxed out other than a few commons, still would like to improve my coin production, and still even have a lot of creatures that I want to get a level 40 made of, so almost everything I get I prefer to hatch out.

The daily events alone you often get legendaries that require a significant amount of DBs to speed up, and if you do the daily drop, all tournaments, CoT, etc. you are constantly picking up tournaments that require 7 days to hatch. And I’m working on adding more tournament hybrids as much as I am able, let alone s-hybrids as I get the sDNA for those, so I don’t often have free hatchery space without regularly using speedups. I’ve even had a few times where I will end up purchasing something cheap to put into that first hatchery spot just so I can get some longer-hatching creature out of my market before I start getting trade offers for it.

Are there times you just leave certain dinos in your market and take whatever trade pops up for it? Curious to hear how some of you manage the constant flow of creatures that you get to minimize the DB spending but keeping the market clear.

Recently I have been leaving a standard legendary or two in my market, capitalizing on DNA and Loyalty point offers if they come up for them. But I will also hatch them out, just depends on what is going on in my hatchery. I will typically speed up the lowest times item if I have a tournament creature that needs to go in. For instance today I spent 1,000 to speed up a tournament creature to make a space for the tournament creature I got from the gold prize drop today, which was the cost of ~2.5 Apatosaurus fossils.

On Thursday I will speed up two spots to put in two hybrids from the discount time frame.

Which I will then speed up on Monday after the tournament creature gets awarded.

Long story short I don’t think twice about spending 1,000 - 3,000 on speed ups at a time if need be since I make that back in a day or two.

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Yep. Don’t be afraid to speed up mid week. Always speed up the most expensive one because the last few hours are the most expensive part.

I do events until one battle is left. I than complete it when the next spot is free.

The big down side is you spend a lot of time and DB hatching what the game gives you vs what you want.

I always speed up and clean house including all events Tuesday morning so I get at least one day worth oh hatching what I want.

Yeah, this is all pretty much what I’m already doing, other than leavign anything in the market at all. I guess I just haven’t wanted to leave much in my market yet, since I don’t have many lvl 40 legendaries yet, and it’s not like they get particularly good offers anyway… there’s quite a few I only have a single lvl 40 of. Aquatics and cenos many I don’t have even 1 of everything yet (and those aquatic legendaries are a big hit to speedup!) And ultimately I’d like to get to a point where I have enough paddocks filled to get good coin production that I can get good Code 19 rewards without having to stash all my common and rare paddocks every day and then drop them back into my park when I’m done.

But I’m finding right now I’m not really getting ahead on DBs on average. I’m not really falling behind either, but I’m spending about as much over the course of a week as I am getting back in the TH, and would like to find some ways to improve that. Maybe that’s just not possible when trying to hatch everything. And yes, I’m generally figuring out which hatchery is going to be the cheapest to speed up, and making use of discount days when I’m able, but when I’m pretty regularly spending 1K+ a day just on legendaries and SRs, etc, it all adds up.

Probably doesn’t help any that I still do PvPs (modded and regular) so am often having to drop in the creatures I get from those as well. Just today I got a rare, SR and legendary from those plus another rare from the Infinity battle. I’d probably do even more of the modded ones if not for the particularly high chance of getting those rare/SR dinos!

Also… I’m not taking any more trades for LPs or DNA to bucks as I have in the past. So certainly that has reduced the amount of DBs I collect. I may take a few weeks off buying anymore hybrids to hatch out to maybe get more DBs stocked up. Plus want to have a good amount of DNA stashed in case one of the unlocks I really am waiting on finally shows up!

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Well,this thread should be higher than where it is.

I about break even on DB when hatching everything.

If you are getting extras from trades or mod battles, you might start to fall behind.

You’re going to have to sell some of the Dino’s. Either custom trade or one of the first offers that comes in.

This is why I have started trading coins for Jurassic’s again, I typically get one hybrid and then the legendaries I leave in my market and then trade them away, if I get one LP offer for them it typically out weighs if I do three AF for LP as custom trades:


@Timmah - We’re in considerably different stages of the game, so our approaches to this aren’t necessarily going to be the same. As I said, I am NOT really falling behind and definitely do not “have to” sell anything, I’d just like to see if I can better speedup the growth of my DB stash. I’m also not sure why you would say to speed up the most expensive one or that the last hours are the most expensive. I’ve never seen any evidence of this, and that’s the exact opposite of what I would recommend players do.

@Sionsith - mostly I’m still trying to work out the best way to schedule my day around minimizing the need for speedups but that’s not always easy when I do work a full time job too. I do hate waiting on things like seeing what I won from the daily drop just because I don’t have a hatchery space free, and likewise opening mystery packs or holding off on doing PvPs until my hatchery is free. I guess I am just missing the freedom of just doing events and opening packs whenever I want, and wondered if you get to a point where you aren’t needing to manage it quite so closely.

That’s good information on the kinds of trades you are getting for legendaries. It just seems like the ones I typically get aren’t very good (food or coins) so I generally get rid of them pretty quickly. It just seems like I have to wait a long time to get an offer worth taking and in the meantime I’m losing out on trades I could take.

It’s also when the commons pop up and I don’t have space that I debate whether to speed up to drop them in or lose what could be a decent trade to get rid of them. In most cases, like today, I usually have some events pending that will result in a legendary so I figure I’ll be using a speedup anyway, so I go ahead and just do it right away, but it’s often not at a time that I particularly want to complete that event.

The last 4 hours of the hatchery speed up are the most expensive. Please see this post here: How to keep the hatchery clear? (Out of DBs) Lev69 Park

Due to this, you want to pay for the last 4 hours as few times as possible. So, speed up the longest running Dinos will net more speed value per DB spend.

Good luck.

Pretty sure you are misinterpreting that information. I’m assuming this is a graph reflecting the impact of the free speedup, so dinosaurs that have the shortest hatch times are most affected by that speedup. Once you get anything longer than 4 hours, it’s basically inconsequential. You are missing out on the benefit of that free speedup no matter WHEN you speed up something, but by doing the ones with the longest time, you are always spending the maximum possible.

Even if this is not including the free speedup, the area that is not exactly linear is not all that far off so we’re not talking a HUGE difference… and I would see the data as mainly in regards to considering whether to speed up creatures like commons and rares vs. longer running ones, and this all plays into which spots everything is in and the additional cost of hatchery pods based on what you speed up. For instance, yes it might cost me a tiny bit more relatively speaking to speed up a common but if I save 50 DBs to clear that out of the first pod vs. putting something into the last one, that’s going to be a savings ultimately.

Typically I’m never speeding up 7-day tournaments that have dropped into the 4 hour range anyway, because by that point, they are hitting the free speedup. If I need to clear them, it’s going to be with DAYS left over, so it’s a lot more about just minimizing how often I am using a speedup for them at all.

I’m sure @Sionsith will chime in on this to clarify/confirm what that is showing.

I would disagree and this why…

If I have three legendaries in my cost slots in the hatchery one costs 1,000 another 1,200 and the third 1,500.

If I choose the 1,500 I have to make more than 500 in free speed up on the first one to make it worth it from an overall DB cost from not selecting the first paid slot which I believe the free speed up on these only kicks in around 250 DB and that is if I catch it right when it becomes free. Which means I can’t make those DB back by selecting the most expensive, therefore I select the least expensive.

I use a crude rule that if I can speed something up plus the cost of opening up a hatchery spot (+50) And it costs less than speeding up the creature if I was to insta hatch it then I do which ever is cheaper.

If it is a super rare or lower and it is not the end of the night or I am not going to be away from the game for awhile it gets insta hatched.

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Yeah, that’s basically what most of us do I would expect. Since I often don’t have any specific urgent need to purchase new stuff I also have to weigh the cost of using a speedup to clear space vs. how much I might save during a discount period. Right now, all 3 slots are taken up with tournaments that the game gave me, vs. ones I purchased, but I’m fine with letting my DNA build up a bit more while waiting on those to hatch. I do find I don’t mind buying these really expensive hybrids quite so much now!

1680 hours/week

7day Dino is 1680DB or 10DB/hour
4:4 day Dino is 1032 or 10.32DB/hour (just put in for this pic)
1:16 day Dino is 451 or 13.5DB/hour (see edit below for buy out to put this dino in)
1:4 day Dino is 334 11.9DB/hour

*7day Dino is 1334 on Tuesday morning or 8DB/hour

Yes, you don’t want to do any instant buying anywhere but the first chamber.

Now, five of the 1:4day Dino’s is a little less than a week and 1670DB plus activation fees.

If you had all 6 of the Dino’s in your market right now, instant hatch the 5 and pay once for the 7 day Dino.

But, that isn’t the case, you collect them over the week.

If you have the DB and DNA to, on day 1 fill all 3 slots with 7 day Dino’s and buy out every other Dino (or sell) in the first slot as they come, that would be optimal.

This may be where our needs differ as I’m not hatching a lot of 7 day Dino’s. About 2 or 3 a week. One thursday from the gold spin, 1 randomly from lotto and one Monday from any tournaments.

The big difference is Tuesday speeds ups. Those 7 day dinos you had the DNA for? Now they are 1344DB or 8 DB an hour.

Most of my DNA bought 7 day Dino’s are Tuesday morning Dino’s. (Or formerly battle stage Dino’s). Sometimes Monday 10% off DNA Dino’s.

Now the 5 Dino’s required 250DB activation vs the 50DB for the 7day. But the savings was 336Db on Tuesday morning! You still come out 136DB ahead if you can pay the DNA and buy out Tuesday.

If you are a SUPER DNA and DB roller, you could fill with all 7 day and buy out extra 7 day and buy the rest… but that only is relevant until one resource runs out and you are back on the regular: as it comes weekly plan.

To each their own I guess.

Edit: I forgot to add in that buying out the 1680 (full price), for the 1:16day dino still nets you 40*3.5DB or 140DB extra per hour of cost, which more than covers the new 50DB activation fee, I’m not count it twice, as you’d have to pay it for one of the two dinos if you didn’t make this mistake).

Edit #2, it should be 6 1:4 day guys, but that add more value to the shorter running guy. I’ll redo the math later, eating dinner.

Maybe someone who has more data that I do can find the sweet spot of maxing DB value per hour in the hatchery? I think it is around the 2 day mark where it drops off. I never buy out Dino’s that will hatch tomorrow. I let them hatch and complete an event at that time to fill in the spot.

Again, we’re at a much different stage of the game, so my hatchery is never going to look like this. I almost never have anything in the later 3 pods other than 7-day creatures (occasionally something slightly shorter). It’s typical for me to have 4-6 that I need to hatch in a week, and during the 40% discount period I easily hatched out 2-3 times as many. And a lot of what you are calculating is assuming you have very specific creatures available to hatch right away. This whole thread is based on the idea that you are needing to use speedups to clear space for something but what that is varies all the time. The rate of DBs you spend is far less important than how often you are needing to use speedups for anything with a significant amount of time, so any benefit you might get from speeding up a single 7-day is going to be lost if you end up having to pay 50 DBs on a lot of other speedups… or if I end up with an empty hatchery waiting for something new to show up.

That’s why players later in the game primarily use those latter 3 pods for 7-days, because it minimizes how often you are paying extra DBs to open spaces, or having unused hatchery time. And yes, if we can be on a schedule where we are filling all 3 at the same time each week, that’s great… but not always easy to do when the game drops new ones on you throughout the week. So typically we have pods that might have, for instance, 3, 4 and 6 days left to go when we need to open up a space for another 7-day to go in.

It sounds like your strategy is working well for you right now so by all means, stick with it. I expect you may find it needs adjusting though as you progress further in the game.

It doesn’t matter what stage of the game we are in. We’re completing the same events for the same spins.

I didn’t pay DNA for any of the one currently in my hatchery. All event or pvp Dino’s.

You can only hatch or sell the Dino’s.

I’m telling you how to get the most value out of the hatchery per DB spent.

If you are selling all of the shorter running Dino’s, because you are at a different stage of the game, what is your point for this thread?

You weren’t going to hatch them anyway?

The stage of the game determines what level of creatures you are typically purchasing. I purchase almost nothing other than 7-day tournaments and/or hybrids. So I’m generally going to be hatching a lot more of them on a regular basis that what you said you are doing.

I currently hatch almost everything that I get.

Can you explain how in my scenario I proposed it would make sense to speed up the most expensive? Keep in mind all the creatures that go into my last three spots have almost a minimum of a five day hatch time:
This is after I sped up two slots today for the hybrid discount

And this is what mine currently is, a fairly typical look if you have to clear something out mid-week to drop in another tournament creature.

For me, it’s mostly about being intelligent and thoughtful about your decisions, which I am still adjusting my thought processes on. So right now, I still have one gold pack and the Kaiwhekea to hatch out today, the latter certainly is worth clearing one of the tournaments for, but when deciding what else to speed up I would look at what I can expect tomorrow and I very well may not have any legendaries coming my way at all based on the events (aquatic could be, but more likely to be SR). So dropping another legendary into that first spot vs. speeding up another one of the 3 days is probably going to be my best choice. The only reason I could see to speed up the longest running one, the 5 day, would be if I wanted to clear all 3 spots out. But again, unless I anticipate getting enough legendaries to replace them, which is unlikely given the events on the schedule, that doesn’t make sense to me to do.

Ok, first you have to describe what you want to keep vs sell.

You can control when you get new Dino’s based on when you finish events, buy your lotto tickets, play pvp, your custom trades or DNA purchases. The last being the only one that doesn’t expire.

If you have slots opening, you finish out the thing you can control and end that day then. If you have more than one Dino source, try doing them all together, to buy out the lower DB per hour ones and hatch the highest ones.

If you aren’t interest in hatching sub 4 day Dino’s anymore, and will sell them, the math starts to equalize and it becomes preference.

But you can’t control your market this way. If the goal is always zero Dino’s in the market, you influence this by speed ups and finishing events when other Dino’s finish.

It becomes a question of is hatching the shorter Dino’s During the week and buying your 7 day Dino’s Tuesday morning during the discount going to net you more DB trades in the trade harbor and more total 7 day Dino’s hatched? Also, you can sell the unwanted lesser hatched Dino’s for DNA. Should you run into any empty slots, you can start a new 7 day Dino until one with a high DB/hour comes along.

Or the counter of if you want to sell the Dino’s, should you always take the first trade opportunity? You get 48 trade offers a day plus 18 for all of the refreshes. How many possible DB offers are lost to trading lessor Dino’s and/or waiting for the trade you want? (Aka not coins, maybe not food)

My math is solid on the DB cost per hour. After that, it is how you want to arrange the puzzle pieces, the key being, you can choose not to use some pieces.

In your case, I wouldn’t have put the one day Dino in slot one until after I do the lotto, so I could buy out the 7 day Dino first and let the other ride. If it was from the previous night, sometimes that is the tough breaks of unpredictability.

For the last Dino’s I get during the day, I run the last one that doesn’t fit well, Over night in Slot one and buy them out the next day when it is needed for something much shorter.

If you complete events in the morning, Dino’s that hatch in one day and a few hours are great, as you can reuse the slot tomorrow for something else. They are a hatchery priority. Longer running Dino’s get bought. If you look at the calendar and tomorrow is a light day, than the you might plan ahead and buy out shorter running vs 2 day.

Edit: to be honest, it may really just be a question of how fast to dump Dino’s you don’t want in trades. I’ve gotten a few 30million coins for 4K dna and lots of DB for fossils and other things this past week. Lots of good trades.

I’m not going to continue to spend time debating you on this, since you are clearly so convinced you are right, other than to point out that you said earlier in the topic that you “about break even on DB when hatching everything” and then added that this was just hatching what the game gives you. You told me that if I’m getting extras from things like PvPs, that I would “have to” sell some things to stay on top of it. Yet that’s not at all what I am seeing with how I handle the hatchery, I’m generally doing a bit better than just even and that’s with typically buying and hatching 7-day hybrids and extra stuff from PvPs along with everything else.

So I’m pretty satisfied the approach that myself, @Sionsith and other experienced players use is the right one, as the results pretty much speak for themselves, and see no reason to continue to try and defend what works for me.

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