Cleaning up the game to make sense again

I would fix the current state of the game instead of putting new dinos in the mix, for example the logic of the moves. In the early days every type of dino had a tipical moveset that applied also to their hybrid but now the hybrids just get filled up with all kinds of moves that have nothing to do with them, like the combination of lethal wound and dsr in one creature. Or that no new moves get created but only old moves combined like slowing shielding strike or persistent ferocious strike which is basically ferocious strike with no cool down.
And here I come to my next point, cooldown on some moves, especially the old dinos doesn’t make any sense more. Shielding strike with a shield for 2 turns is a basemove with no cooldown but short defense dose the same and has 2 turns cooldown?? Same with persistent ferocious strike and ferocious strike.
Ludia needs to update the older dinos and bring the up to scratch so they can compete with the new ones.
Another thing in wanted to adress is grypolyth. Am I the only oben who realised that immobility is absolutely useless? With adding noescape grypolyth is out there only with 3 moves, shure you can stall a turn but that’s kind a dragging out the inevitable. How about ludia give him the ferocious strike instead like purolyth? Would make sense to me. And finally to my last point: I know it’s a game but still there can be some realism’s in it. For example I can still put my finger on it how a common velociraptor beats a epic trex in a 1v1 at equal levels. Even rarity whise that is not logical. And this thing drags out over the entire game, commons should beat rare or epics, same with epics beating legendary sands uniques. What the intention with having rarity’s then? All uniques should be better the all legendary and so one.
So finally I would say, instead of putting in new stuff ludia should fix what they have currently, after all that’s the least they could do after refusing to remove boosts