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Cleanse move?


What does the cleanse move actually do?it doesn’t regenerate or take points off opposition,


Im glad cheaters are being found i dont get why people cheat its totally unfair on us genuine players.Iam a mother of 8 children and dont go out during the day to dino hunt i do this at evening and night in my car(go to locations) yes i miss out on a lot of event dna as a result and am only a level 6 lol but that dont make me want to cheat…its wrong…i just be patient…i still have not got trex yet lol but patience will win me one one day lol…iam a VIP member as i have the subscription and the recent update haz placed a post right outside my house which is great as dinos normally spawn by my home so supplies drop is available while iam in my house…only problem i ever have is with battles…they freeze and lag and sometimes even boot me out…iam sure Ludia will sort this issue in a new update but for now i presume the cheaters are no 1 priority to take out…Good work Ludia i love the game


Think you replied to wrong person


I believe it just takes away any negative effects. For example a speed reduction or reduced damage.


Makes sense, thank you,I think it also reduces the hit you take


Nah, you still take full damage, but if for instance someone used Vulnerability Strike on you, you cleanse the “vulnerable” effect so you don’t get extra damage. Self-cleanse basically cleanses damage reduction, vulnerability and slowing effects, I think those are all. It’s a powerful move :slight_smile: