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'Cleanse' now useless? (For stegodeus, suchotator and tragodistis)


Hi guys :grin:
Just realized from the last battle that ‘Cleanse’ cannot clean the Damage Over Time ( I used Cleanse on my suchotator and stegodeus). Is this only happens to me, or anybody else have the same problem?
Thanks :grin:


i believe cleanse now only cleanse slow and attack down debuff. DOT won’t be cleaned now

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Probably works that way
Btw, dr Indonesia, masbro? Ada alliance yg isinya orang Indonesia semua, gak?


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Only superiority doesnt, but cleanse still clears everything I believe


I know that Indoraptors cleansing impact clears bleeds, pretty sure cleanse on Gorgosuchus does but its off my team now since the Kapra is going to Spinotasuchus…but yes Superiority Strike no longer clears bleeds! So build your team with either bleeders, immune dinosaurs or things that counter dinosaurs that generally use bleeds!

Speed is on its way back guys!


Suchotator and Stegodeus don’t have cleanse they have Superiority Strike. Removes damage buff from self, slows opponent one turn, hit 1x.


You’re right…I agree :+1::grin:


Before the update, cleanse always comes with the superiority strike :blush:

After doing some battles (curiosity :grin:), now its written ‘(only) Clense Distraction’ along with the superiority attack…so I guess, its gonna be hard to fight the bleeders :joy::joy:

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Unfortunately no, my friend :grin:


I’m almost sure my indo cleansed the bleed not 1 hour ago :no_mouth: @Dayat_GDT


Boogity boogity shu!


For indoraptor, its ‘cleansing impact’, my friend…a bit different :blush:
And for stegodeus, tragodistis, suchotator, its just ‘cleansing disruption’ (now), before this updates, this cleanse, that comes with the superiority attack, not only clean the disruption but also can clean damage over time…but now…its gone :joy::joy:

Whatever happened, just enjoy the battle :+1:

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You mentioned cleanse specifically, so cleansing impact does the same cleansing :wink:
Stegodeus doesnt have cleanse, so thats where the misunderstanding started, but indeed, superiority strike cleanses distraction only.

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Yup…mistakes on me :grin:


Hey there, @Dayat_GDT and @Adrian_Saputra, we understand that you’re trying to plan for Alliances but we have to ask that you try to stick to using the English language in our forums. That said, we really appreciate how quickly you switched back!

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It’s still useful. It just means that DOT dinosaurs are no longer useless, as they were very useless when the cleanse could remove DOT.

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lol sorry mate, just surprised to meet fellow countrymen in this game