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Cleanse Trial Bug

Bug Description:

Many creatures with cleanse effects are not included in the selection menu for the Cleanse Trial. Here are some examples (not comprehensive) that should be there but aren’t:

  • Indoraptor Gen 2 (Mutual Fury)
  • Testacornibus (Dig In)
  • Mammolania (Dig In Taunt)
  • Tuoramoloch (Lesser Group Heal, Greater Emergency Heal)
  • Tenontorex (Lesser Group Heal)
  • Grypolyth (Greater Emergency Heal)
  • Quetzorion (Sidestep)

Area it was found in:

Creature selection menu for Expert Cleanse Trial (I didn’t notice this on previous trial this week)

How often does it happen:

When entering creature selection menu of Expert Cleanse Trial

What type of device are you using:

Google Pixel 2

Anything else?

I think they only count moves which are only cleansing. (cleansing strike/impact/rampage/swoop/shattering strike)

That would make sense if Eucladoceros, Monostegotops, and Sinoceratops didn’t also show up in my list of eligible creatures. All three are Dig-In users without a dedicated cleansing attack move.

Apparently Heals (specifically just heals) aren’t considered cleansing abilities. who knew? :woman_shrugging:

Maybe it’s dig in TAUNT that is different (for some reason). I am confused with things like MF and DIT not showing up