Cleansing group destroyer

This new ability on Thoradolosaur is absolutely insane! It one shots every single flock like 99% of the time. The cleanse is completely unnecessary on this. If I can reduce dmg to this creature, I at least have a chance to hit it once. The cleanse brings it back to full force insta kill. If this isn’t fixed, there is no point of even using a flock at all. I have had matches where I was winning 2-0 and then comes the Thoradolosaur and one hit kills three creatures in a row. Where is the balance? I don’t want use the same cheap Thoradolosaur just so I can survive facing one. It’s not fun for everyone to use the same creatures in order to have a glimmer of a chance to rank up. Lame…


Dodge rng,its depends on if u get the dodge or not

I get one shotted with dodge on as well, its almost as if dodge doesn’t work properly or something VS this ability

They did it so the ugly thor skin would sell sadly. Other than that, thor shouldn’t of gotten buff and even more if it cleanses


Personally I find it lovely to see flocks get completely destroyed. Music to my ears!
I have always been super annoyed by their rising dominance in battles, and I don’t like the fact that three dodos pose a threat to a trex, so to finally see them all get destroyed by thor is just what I have wanted to see for several months


People complaining about Thor getting cleanse, along with Group attack.
Meanwhile, flocks doing ‘n’ number of things in a single attack…and…no one bats an eye…


Agreed. I’m actually temporarily quitting arena because of the Thor buff. My nitro Thor counters do nothing now. People don’t realize that this is a pure fierce killing flocks and invalidating tons of cunning creatures with a single move.


I hate this move with a passion, mostly because of how broken it is and how unnecessary it was.

At the very least it should have a 2 or 3 turn cooldown with all the stuff it does.

:point_up_2: 100% this. My two Thor hard counters were made useless because of it (and it’s buffed resistances) Dodocevia and Scorp 3.
It makes aviary and it’s thor infestation even more of a pain.


I genuinely want to know who at Ludia decided it was a good idea to give Thor a cleansing group attack FULLY knowing that the pvp Thors would be able to dish out 5k dmg t1 guaranteed unless there’s a dodge. Who. Thought. This. Was. A. Good. Idea.


It could be fixed by cleaning after the attack


There is absolutely no way a pure fierce should have a cleansing move that also dishes out such a massive attack too.

Virtually every counter is made null and void because of it and just as Mortem was chastised for having it, so is Thor and rightly so. Didn’t Ludia learn anything from that?


Nerf it a tad bit maybe remove the Cleans

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I agree 100%. Giving Thor a Cleanse move on a group impact practically made Aviary and Library so much harder for many players. Thor already made me quit PvP before, but this buff to it makes me want to quit PvP again, and I’m sure plenty of others feel the same. Why did Ludia think it was a good idea to give a helping hand to the people who already made PvP in Aviary/Library a horrible experience?


Giving Thor a fair chance is not the same as giving it God mode… Insta kill on a 3 bar creature with dodge… might as well just delete all flocks, why bother having them at that point. I don’t mind coming out of a fight with Thor with barely any life left, that means it’s balanced and the person with better decisions won, but Insta kill everytime is just so lame


100% wholeheartedly agree

I’m sorta confused why they determined Thor needed another buff. That cash cow has already been milked dry (repeatedly). Seems like it would have been much more advantageous to have given the move to a new chomper rather than one most people who have been around for a couple years already have maxed out.

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This buff is the worst. I had the battle in the bag but of course they had to bring out their Thor against my weakened spyx to kill it, I would have lived if they didn’t give it a cleanse move. Then they get a crit and one shot my Geminititan turning a 2-1 to 2-3 in two turns!!

It also helps it against other cunning like the grinch which was one of my thor counters.

It’s complete madness that makes a mockery of any logical perspective.

Thor isn’t a wildcard after all, yet it has a cleansing strike so it shouldn’t be a fierce yet it is.

What would counter it then since cunning have little or no chance?

Maybe anything that will continually dodge?

Way to go in creating a situation with yet more players avoiding pvp huh?


It’s made worse by the fact that dodge isn’t always 100%. And even if they do dodge the attack, Thor has a handy Instant Charge to finish them off after dealing significant damage. I’m almost positive that Ludia have forgotten that cunnings are infamous for their typically low health.