Cleansing Thagomizer

Anyone else not able to cleanse a thagomizer hit? Totally broken.

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That’s the point duh! In the update it clearly stated: Superiority Strike will no longer cleanse!

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If you are using SS it won’t work


@Baryonyx They never said with superiority strike. You should ask them to explain further before going “duh, superiority strike was changed”.

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:joy::joy: Clearly I didn’t read the announcement. Maybe some tact on your part in the future?


Thank you…never saw this

I know! I could have only assumed SS, because that attack was affected…

It was clearly in the patchnotes though ^^

it’ll need to be in his future, as it’s never been part of his past.


Or perhaps Ludia could provide a glossary of terms WITHIN the game so I don’t have to go on the forum :man_shrugging:t3: I just play the game to try to get all the Dinos for my 5yo and when these changes occur, I’m caught unawares lol.

It has been a part of my past… -_-… why do we have to go over this? I know myself better than anyone other than God, and I don’t do 1/8 of the things I do in real life on the forums…

honest question: are you old enough to post on this board?

no judgement, just curiosity, as i’m thinking i need to reframe how i interact and envision you hereabouts.

Yes I am! I had my 16 birthday not too recently, and I decided to make an account!

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happy belated birthday, baryonyx.

Happy birthday old man =D j/k.

Now I feel old at 32 LOL!

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