Clear decompensation in failures and critics


First of all congratulations on the game, it’s very good.

The problem I am having is that in all games against other players, the system of failures and critics always benefits the opponent.
It may happen that the opponent takes 4 critics and no fault and I four failures and so on.
But it never happens the other way around. I have counted the number of failures and critics in the games of the last two weeks and it always goes against me.
I think if algorithm should have something wrong.

I was a programmer and I remember that in the university when we wanted to simulate a random roll there was no real way to do it, but rather a function that used the seed of the system was used. The problem this had was that the seed could give repetitive values, and for example get 12 “1” in a row.
I do not know if something similar happens to them but I suppose that today there must be ways to correct this to take into account the values obtained and compensate the statistics over time to be more realistic and not always benefit or penalize the same player


This issue was previously discussed in other threads. I do not anticipate this will change. The random seeding used for WoW seems to generate extensive streaks, good and bad. I find this common in many apps.

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I agree with orloch and he is right that there are lots of discussions about this. Some you can easily find with topic searches and others that came about from the discussion of other topics. One thing you will want to think about is that if you are mainly fighting other humans and seem to always get “bad rolls” the other human is benefitting. Except for a few cases where one person seems to become a target, this means that overall the rolls are even. Eventually the good luck should turn to you

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OK thank you.
This is my hope :slight_smile:

Well I would compare only critic failure and not critical attack as a lot of ability add increased crit chance.

And also pay attention to debuff that gives critical failure. If such debuff is on your hero I wouldn’t count those.

Those debuff doesn’t seam to work as intended sometimes. For exemple damage at random from movement doesn’t trigger the debuff on that hero