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Clear dungeon quests

Okay so I take this quest. I get to the first boss on hidden forge. I win and it’s about all I can do. I get credit for complete 1 dungeon. I head over to sharpstone keep and kill all 3 bosses and still get credit for 1 dungeon. Seems a bit strange ? I know bosses aren’t dungeons but each level should be considered 1. image|230x500

Hey Fifa316, if you finish the first boss in Sharpstone and then leave. Are you given a credit?

Yes i do. All I am saying is that it doesn’t make sense to get credit from 1 boss room as a cleared area and not 3 from all 3

It has never been consistent. Sometimes beating each boss counts. Sometimes you have to finish the entire thing,

It’s always been consistent, there are just a couple of different quests that are similar in nature.

In order to get credit for the “finish a dungeon” or “work together” quests, you have to get the “success” or whatever banner during the xp rewards portion of the quest, which for challenges, means you need to defeat at least one boss.

For "Survivor: " style quests, you must reach the end of a dungeon with that character alive, it may say exlplore dungeons in the description, but challenges count, you just have to clear all nine rooms.

For “Defeat a Boss” style quests, every individual defeat of a challenge boss contributes to the tally.

I’ll forward this to our team, Fifa316. Thanks!

Oh yeah the bosses always work for each instance. It is just the dungeons that are all over the place.