Clearly we don’t represent the player base

It’s obvious that those of us who use the forum are not a representation of the player base on here. Well at least in the eyes of Ludia anyway.

I have yet to read a post that applauds boosts. I’ve read hundreds that say they have ruined matchmaking, taken away the balance, spoilt the experience, etc…

I’ve yet to read anyone saying how much they love the rat and the overboosted Thor that rule the arena. Again I’ve read literally loads that say how they hate playing the arena because of it.

So in the last update, Ludia did nothing to stem the rat, nor slow the Op Thor, and they continue to make boosts the deciding factor in the game.

So it begs the question.
Why do we bother posting anything at all?
It’s just the most pointless and futile exercise ever, made worse by the fact that the powers that be do the exact opposite of what we wish for.

Yet we continue to post in the vain hope that one day, someone, somewhere will listen and say ‘hang on they may have a point here’, and do something to stop the game self combusting.

While we wait for that, we could always pop off to the store and spend a fortune on 300 more boosts I guess. And buy some more tomorrow - or not if we believe in having an ounce of self respect for ourselves.


They also screwed up cloak and evade so Thor can kill you even if you use those. Distracting Thor doesn’t phase it either. It’s a shame. Is Thor like unlabeled immune to Ludia or something?


I believe they would go by the numbers, not what the forum gossip is about. Remember, they nerfed dodge/cloak/evasive because the numbers told them not enough users were taking advantage of the new negating creatures. No, they did not take into account that it takes more than two months to raise them to team level, but still, they looked at the numbers.

Looking at the numbers here, everyone has the Rat and Thor on their crews. High user numbers mean everyone likes them. Everyone is also boosting these two. High user acceptance and high boost usage equates to a desirable trend. This is the data they see.

The forum can gripe all they want, but the user numbers show otherwise. Everyone loves to use the Rat and Thor… Boosted highly of course.

EDIT: As for boosts? I bet the sales numbers are through the roof. High user purchasing of the product means high user acceptance of the product. Gripe all ya want, the sales numbers tell them all they need to know.


For other user numbers I could only guess. I would think the extra sales of boosts bring in more than the loss of VIP membership. If they did not, we would see some addition to VIP to make membership more attractive. Something like that Epic for renewal. They have not had to do that yet, so numbers must look fine.

We really do not know about the number of ‘daily users’ or what time frame for ‘face time’ in the game they use. It might be just open the game or amount of time opened. It might be the number of 6-hour incubators opened, or the number of DBI’s or battles, creatures encountered…. Or any combination of those.

Somehow, I do not feel they are worried about user numbers, they are more in the revenue end. It really does not seem like a revenue per user kind of operation. Some companies would look at customers per day then purchasing customers per day then amount of purchase per customer to adjust their sales campaign. This seems more like a revenue per segment. Revenue/day, week, whatever their cycle.


The game is being run by the bean counters who are profiting off human nature. Your right. They judge their addition of boost by the income they are getting. I wouldn’t be surprised they do add armor and critical attack boosts.

I think what they are going for is the first 9 player levels are to get people hooked and then you get into the boosts and if you don’t start to dump money into the game for boosts, you will not have any kind of great experience playing. And what do they care about none paying players. They don’t care if they or we quit playing. It’s no loss in their eyes.


I’m just a free loader in this game anyway just as me and my wife are to credit card companies because we keep our balance paid off each month. They don’t make any money off us.


They make money off the merchant who accepts your card. Anything they get off the customer is icing on the cake.

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Oh yea, I forgot about that.

Believe it or not, I’m actually a Reddit guy.
No Ludia love there either.
My last alliance?
Current alliance?
Savannah facebook?
If they are getting positive vibes from the playerbase…
I’m at a loss as to where they are getting it.


It is called venting and I, Don Quixote, shall shall continue to tilt at windmills as long as there is injustice i this world.

roflol - yeah, they don’t care at all about players. It’s all about grabbing that cold, hard cash!

Their metrics at the beginning of 1.8 actually looked healthy… playerbase was up… sanctuaries looked to be something they added for casual players…

Then the reality of 1.8 sank in… sanctuaries were pretty much a waste of time for casuals because they involve an entire alliance and cordination to achieve a decent results… clearly the spike in playerbase at the beginning of 1.8 felt the same cause almost 14k lost in a month is pretty impressive.

1.8 took 1.7 bad match making and somehow made it worse… but this games metrics appear to be trending in the wrong direction…


In my experience, regardless of mobile games or something else where pople are passionate, the majority are happy and continue doing what they do. They don’t feel a need to post online about their positive experiences.

People who have a more negative response tend to need to vent about it - to bring their issues to the relevant agency. In the scheme of things they are the vocal minority. Companies do listen but they understand that the vocal voices on their forums are not the total player base. They don’t change things based on 200 people raising issues when there are thousands of others who are mostly happy or at least indifferent enough.

Now, before anyone says I’m a Ludia apologist or something like that, I’m not. There are issues that need fixing, even coming from myself as a casual player - matchmaking, dracoceratops and boosts!


(Well. 2 x commons and MONTHS of free Sino.)

If you feel love, you do.

Then you spend time, you longing and having dreams.

Spending something in that progress. A few coins, some boosts…

And when reaching arena 5000+ you face the break up.