Cleasing impact on gorgosuchus is bad, please consider reverting it


This move itself is not bad, but it does not suit in gorgosuchus’s situations. It’s supposed to be used against dinos with debuff and slow, but the problem is, unlike kaprosuchus and indoraptor gorgosuchus doesn’t have enough health pool to perform an extra hit, please consider reverting it or at least give gorgosuchus some extra health to make him able to take some hits!


Cleansing impact deals 1.5x damage.
If used after Ferocious Strike, then, the damage becomes 2.25x.
I believe it is a buff. Not nerf.
Adrenaline surge adds HP, but deals 0 damage. Personally I prefer Cleansing Impact compared to Adrenaline Surge.


Damage is useless if you cannot survive that long. Tbh, gorgosuchus is now worse than its component, kaprosuchus. At least kaprosuchus has 4500 hp and can safely perform two 2.25x damages and 1x defense shattering strike.

I understand that an epic will not be too op, but worse than its component? It’s not a good thing at all.


I agree. It doesn’t make sense to be worse than its components. I’ll see how it goes though.


I have always use Gorgo as a finisher. Not an opening dino.
25% additional HP without inflicting any damage is poor. The new move inflict good amount of damage. Besides, Gorgo gets back its turn - after self cleansing. After self cleansing, use Rampage which is 3x damage.

Can Stegod stand

  • 1.25x (Ferocious Strike) 1st move
  • 2.25x (Cleansing Impact) 2nd move
  • 3x (Rampage) 3rd move damage?

I don’t think so.


Unfortunately, stegod will kill you on second turn with APR and priority, so you don’t even have the chance to deal your 2nd and 3rd move.

Like I’ve said, cleansing impact itself is not bad, it just doesn’t suit in gorgo’s case. Cleansing impact on Kaprosuchus is great because he has enough survivability but lacks damage. Gorgo on the other hand, has enough damage but lacks survivability, so adrendline is better for gorgo.


And also rip echo too lol


wont cleanse give an extra turn aswell?


You cant survive the second turn to do the cleanse


It is true. Most people who says cleansing impact is ok i believe doesnt actuallt play gorgo or havent battled against a stegod with it yet but please ludia either give gorgo adrenaline back or at least increase it life or something. This change will make it completely useless


Could you perhaps be confusing:
Gorgosuchus: adrenaline surge (cleans + 1.25x dmg buff)
Kaprosuchus: cleansing impact (cleans + 1.5dmg attack)
I’ve not been playing since the beginning, did gorgo used to have cleansing and it was changed?


Gorgo is going to have cleansing but that is a really bad idea


If youre playing even a half way decent opponent Gorgo used adrenaline surge and likely got stunned or slowed again and still didnt get a 2nd attack. Give is a chance before you judge


its had several move changes. heres a previous set.


Can someone please let me know where they got this info from. Post a link if possible.ive read patch notes but didn’t see anything about individual Dino Nerfs or Buffs


@Aaron_Norris in the release notes you have to click the drop down arrows for battles


it really doesn’t matter. you aren’t going to heal yourself enough to get another hit and cleansing yourself doesn’t make it your turn. stegodeus is going to decelerate and then armor piercing rampage and your gorgo is gone either way.


I really wish JWA would let gorgosuchus fight other dinos besides just stegodeus …


It depends and is a game of second guessing your opponent.
Assuming Stegod has just thag’ed you:
You cleanse, he rampages, you get to hit it again
You cleanse, he superior strikes, he gets to finish you
You don’t cleanse, he rampages, he finishes you
You don’t cleanse, he superior strikes, you get to hit him again

With both choice of your actions your opponent either gets hit or finishes you, depending on your comparative choices.

With cleansing impact, due to no hp boost first, the only outcome is your opponent finishing you.

Why is it

my epic can’t beat a legendary :sob:
grow up and get indoraptor like an adult
or level up your gorgosuchus more