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Cleric life ward

Suggestion. Now that domination has been nerfed to 2 rounds max can me max out cleric lifeward at 2 rounds instead of 3? Domination was one of the best ways to overcome how dumb the lifeward mechanic is on the bone when you fight a match where its just a solo cleric left but its now rendered less effective due to duration.

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Since it is a Rez and by definition the Cleric is Rezing somebody else…and the Cleric should be alive, it really should not work on the Cleric. But by the same thought if a member of my Party is Dom’d by Bard…he is now my enemy and I should be able to kill (target) him as I see fit.

you gotta throw any D&D ruleset out when talking about this game. however it would be nice if the rules they had here made any sort of sense.

Ya I know, but to fix the Cleric rez issue…make it sk he can not benefit from his own Rez, problem solved IMO. Maybe it just 1 of those things that makes too much sense…or is just too hard to accomplish.

That seems like a good solution for the devs to investigate.

Another is to reduce the max HP of targets that come back to life, so it can’t be used an infinite number of times.

this makes sense as well. the rez mechanic as a whole needs redesigned imo. Right now if you die not only do you come back to life at full health it also resets all your abilities and here is zero downtime. So if your rangers turn was next and he dies and rezes he not only gets to go next but full health and full cooldowns again. This is the only game i think i have ever played where dying can benefit you in the middle of a fight and you have a buff on you. I kinda like your idea of coming back with partial health, thats normally how it is anyway in most games, you come back at like 10-25% health after death.

Ranger axe attacks need to be nerfed first and foremost. Those things can wipe out a whole party in 1 attack.

I think the easiest fix is to max the number of times a character can be raised to 1 per battle/room. That’s the same mechanic for the barb’s legendary trinket.

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axes are fine. they don’t do as much damage as epic or legendary and are also only 2 range. If you have your entire party wiped by a ranger in one attack its typically because you had an AC buff put on your team or your team is under geared. that being said this was a suggestion for clerics bone, if you want to make a suggestion for ranger weapons start a new thread and ill debate the merits of it there.

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Can systematically wipe out your whole team, I vote for 75% or 100% reincarnation.

The reason…

When your opponent has 1 character remaining against 2 , 3 or 4, it’s a huge advantage, not in real life or in actual D&D but in Waterdeep as each side gets to attack every other turn regardless of numbers on the battlefield, strategically it’s an immense advantage!

And I’ve done likewise with my Cleric, Barbarian and Thief.

Cleric’s death ward last 3 turns and at a 50% chance, unless your opponent can one hit you, 4 players are going the way off the dodo bird, especially if he takes the middle spot.

Another glaring oversight!

Crappy gear or AC, that’s it…LOL