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Cleric ultra stealth

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It has been talked about before that unlike with most characters that are under stealth, when the cleric is stealthed and the only one in range of a particular spell you still can’t hit him. With other characters you can.
I have noticed something else recently that I have seen before but it never really clicked with me. As far as I have noticed when most characters under stealth make an attack they lose that stealth. That is the way it has always been with any other game I have played as well. When the cleric makes an attack under stealth he stays that way as long as the stealth spell hasn’t run out.
Is this by design or is it some sort of oversight?

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Not just only one in range of a “particular spell”

If he’s the only one in range of anything you have at your disposal you can’t target him - Eg You might have multiple range 2 attacks off cooldown and a 3 zone grimoire on cooldown and not be able to target him when he is 2 zones away (and others r 3)

Or your entire repertoire of attacks (on cooldown or not) is only 2 zone and you still can’t target him

Note however I believe you can target him with the wizard 2 zone disarm line AOE?

AOE bypasses stealth as you aren’t targeting the hero/creature, you’re targeting the zone. Great way to dispatch cloakers/water elementals too.

YesIm well aware of how it works with them, this is about how cleric is different and I couldn’t recall if it worked on him or not

I haven’t seen the Clerics stealth work any different than anyone else’s. You need to be more specific. Also, the Rogue will remain stealthed even though they attacked.

I thought I was specific… when other heroes attack from stealth mode they lose their stealth regardless of how long they have left on spell…when clerics attack from stealth mode they do not lose stealth unless it is at the end of the spell

Rogue definitely stay stealth even if he attack

Hmm I will watch closer buy every time I have noticed a rogue attack he has become clear. Maybe I missed it

I don’t know, I fought several battles today and every single time my rouge or the enemies rouge attacked while in stealth they reappeared at the end of their attack. It’s possible that the stealth naturally ended at the point but unlikely.

I fight Krom all the time, so I know what league he is in. For us, lvl 7 thief epic boots are the norm (the main source the thief gets stealth). At that level, stealth lasts 3 turns which makes it easier to get an attack in without stealth naturally expiring at the end of the thief’s turn.

I use the rare disguise kit and it last 3 turn.

If you look at farideh the on hit trigger only last one turn so it will always wear off after an attack

Fair enough… my gear isn’t that high so I did not know… thanks for the help… it’s still weird other games I have played in the past you lose stealth when you take an aggressive action. But since it is intentional here I can adjust for it m


Hmmm – I just had a Stealthed Priest in front of my Rogue and Priest. I was UNABLE to target him at all.

Weird…possible bug?

It is probably similar to a situation that had come up a few times

Here is one example