Clever Girls Recruiting

Clever Girls is looking to take on 15 players. We are a close knit, active team looking to strengthen our ranks and boost our tournament and weekly alliance rewards. Operating at half capacity, we still manage to hit 6/7, and we are working on collaborative relationships with other alliances to improve our sanctuary production.

We know that with more active players, we can be a force to reckon with! Let me know if you’re interested.

Requirements??? Can men apply??? Do you take families???

Requires that you do your dailies, participate in tournaments, and once we get our sanctuary rules figured out, follow them. All are welcome, the name was just for the reference. We’re looking for other players who are doing all they can independently, but know they could be doing even better with cooperation and teamwork.

I would like to join your alliance, I am a Level 20 player, doing all my dailies every day, entering tournaments and usually at around 5000 trophies. In game name is the same as here, but I would like a confirmation that you take me before I leave my previous alliance to join yours.

Yes please. I am at level 10, I usually do all my dailies and in my previous alliance of 4 we used to get 2/2. My player name is DinoMaster and my id is 7195. I usually have around 1600 trophies. Plenty of dna to spare if anyone needs a push.

Hello! You are both welcome. I’ll send invites. CityRaptor, I will need your user number to get one to you. @CityRaptorAlpha @Pradyun_Gaddam

Thanks. Looks like it worked without the user number.

Do you have discord?

Yes we do.