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Clever or selfish?


During the alliance rush, I battled more than 100 times.
Fortunately, my affiliated alliance is in top50.

However, I have found someone never played a battle, just requesting DNAs and played only the strike events.
But, we will get the same reward.
In addition, the alliance missions are finally fixed.

Of course, this is just a game. Anytime we can leave an alliance and uninstall the game.

However, I am just wondering whether the persons (who never or just a little contribute even to the alliance missions, i.e. takers) are clever or selfish…


Who cares about diplodocus dna? What matters is if the contribute to alliance missions and donate dna.


Of course, they can contribute to the missions because there are so many missions. But, I believe the contribution percentage is not so great…


Only for the useless diplodocus, do you think so many people battled so hard?
Definitely no!!!


And lots of us didnt even care about this event… your stating the prize wasn’t the issue yet your op was about them receiving the prize despite not working as hard as others.

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Yeah, it is my mistake or short thinking…
I have corrected the main post.
Sorry about it


Thats something you should be bringing up with your alliance leader though honestly. As a leader myself Id rather someone try to address any kind of issue in alliance chat rather then taking it to a public format. Just some food for thought… but this isnt really any different then someone who does the bare minimum when it comes to alliance missions. Its on the leader alone and we have barely any ingame tools so we have to keep track of things on are own.

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Well, unless you told them, they never knew?
I’d say neither- they might have been oblivious to it


Yes, it is a good point. I have already talked to them and left several comments. In game, the messages were quickly past and mixed with requests. Someone didn’t join Facebook messager but might join this forum for some information like me. So, I have left this post.
In addition, this is probably not only my alliance problem.

Finally, I wanted to know more general opinions or trend because I am a little old-fashioned…


Yes, after several days passed, I felt it is not clever or selfish. Just a game for our life entertainment.
Every one has his/her own way to play.


Clever and selfish are not opposites they are also not mutually exclusive.
I donate heaps but wasn’t killing myself for Diplo.

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So long as they are doing something within the Alliance, whether it’s sharing DNA and/or the Alliance missions, then that’s up to them and shouldn’t be penalized for it. It’s when they do absolutely nothing that the problem comes up.