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Cleverer Girl


Our old alliance was 50% inactive so we archived it and created the new and improved;


Come and see how you can fit in and help our new Alliance grow! We want all active players to help the alliance improve and achieve the weekly rewards!

Come and apply! :slight_smile:

That would be wonderful but I have not had much luck with alliances I have been in 3 and been doing fine playing doing the quests ECT the wake up one morning and I have been removed from the group with no explanation I feel used for me doing thw quests and sanctuaries then gone no need do you anymore

Hi Jessie,

We all moved to a new Alliance rather than simply removing anyone… our old alliance leader removed a few people but only after they’d been inactive for 2-3 seasons… but this time, there were 22/50 who were inactive so we left it as a sleeper alliance and created this new one.

If you’re active and play then we’d have no reason to remove you… we also use Discord to communicate so there are extra options other than the laughable game UI.

Your call though :slight_smile: once bitten, twice shy… I can understand that!

My first guess is you are one of the many players that show up as zero trophies, so you are viewed as either inactive or a flagged player, if you keep getting kicked from various alliances inexplicably.

No I was very active not a lot of trophies though because I just started playing again and when I redownloaded the game it disnt give me my old account so I started over in not in the thousands but damn if that’s all anyone wants…i chatted with ppl and everything…imopo I think it was get some help with quests the remove but thats ok

And no I have not been flagged I am not a cheater

Welcome to come and find us :slight_smile: were welcoming to any and all active players and won’t kick… well, unless you’re an arse!! :joy: