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Click duels / totally unfair for countries with bad internet!

Now we have the next tournament where you have many, many advantages when you life in a country where you have good internet.

Every tournament without boosts you see the same players on the Top Ranking, sure they are all good players but this are the players which prefer mostly of there good internet.

Its such a shame that this great game dont have a fair solution for all players all around the world!!!

My solution: that dino which was firstly on the field have the first hit. It means when i played Magna and kills a Maxima for example with it and my opponent plays magna too because he know that we have the better internet and can klick faster of the distraction button, didnt start because the other magna was firstly of the field. This will be for the whole match magna against magna.

If both players have no dinos on the field and both choose magna, the magna will win which was choose firstly.

On my opinion it is a good solution and every players have the same conditions and noone have disadvantage when we have bad internet or lives in a country with bad internet.

Nah, that isn’t necessarily fair. Just make it RNG. A 50/50 chance would be objectively fair.
Or use a rock/paper/scissors system, or the one @Detonatress suggested


Agreed, totally unfair, and i’m saying this as a top 10 currently, speed ties up here vs these players are like 20%to win for me, and up here every little advantage matters if you wanna keep climbing, sure it’s a ”skill tournaments, more like 50/50 on that , no skill involved in living closer to the servers, but hey they did absoluty nothing on the mortem rex dna injustice and this speed tie issue has been around much longer, so don’t expect to see it change :joy::woman_shrugging:

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I dont think that Ludia install a rock/paper/scissor system but for me it would be better than the actually system. Can you please post Detonatress idea?

It should be the other way around.

Make speed ties a new play.
The newcomer in the match gets the priority as “surprise”.
It would make “meta” sense, since the new dino would be fresher and have more stamina.

Having the best internet does matter, but not as much as many people think. I wish the speed tie mechanic was fixed, but no matter a solution, another problem arises

I do wonder just how little it matters, honestly. I’m on a very slow internet connection, but up until recently, I’ve been able to win most of my speed ties.

Lol it absolutely matters especially when you could get on hit setting up for a revenge kill but you just die doing nothing

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It’s much easier where I’m at because I’m facing the same people over and over, and I am able to adjust my team accordingly. If I start facing one person, I just get an idea of what creatures he/she has, how they use them and in what order, and how to counteract them. If an opponent has grypo, then I use monolometrodon. If they use quetzorion over grypo, testacornibus comes out. I am swapping 2 spots on my team out as I have gemini, grypo, testa, monolo, and mammolania as my wild cards.

I try to avoid it, but if I see no way around it, I risk it.

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I’ve lost speed ties to a player in Australia, in spite of tapping as soon as the icon appeared. I live in India.
So evidently it makes quite the difference.

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I personally don’t experience too many. It does make a difference, but not the biggest one

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Just got into a losing streak of back-to-back speed ties and bad RNG. Dropped from 1450 to 1270.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover from this one.

More back-to-back speed ties. Ugh.

I managed to win my way back to 1390, then I dropped back to 1270 again. Guess what? More speed ties and bad RNG.
At this point I should just give up.

This. :arrow_double_up: It’s the only way to truly keep it fair.

I’d prefer a scissors-paper-stone selection to decide. RNG can be very rage inducing.

But if it was a proper 50/50 it would make it better.