Click for click dna trading in alliances 🤳

Hi Ludia,

I have a suggestion that might help with dna trading. Maybe make it only possible to recieve dna if you donate. so click for click. if i give you 5 clicks then that goes towards my request untill i fill my request bar, and ofcourse we can keep donating but when it comes time to put your request in, it all depends on how full your requests are. Something like that where your donating gives you access to requesting.


What’s to stop people from abusing this? Request Irritator or other hard to find DNA then start filling requests? I agree the alliance donation system needs improvement, but this is easily exploitable.

how so? still the same limits in your request per your level. the most irri you can request is 500 if you are level 20. and only 2 times a day like the usual.

Yes, but you’re basically forcing people to give you DNA just by filling their request even if they’re low on the DNA you’ve requested.

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not sure that we are talking about the same thing. basically you are able to donate the usual way. but the only way for you to put a request in is if you have donated. regardless how much you donate. say you only donated one click, you can only request one click. you have no connection with others that you donate to. you just donate randomly, whatever you have like before.

Oh I’ve misunderstood your original post, I understood it as your request gets filled as you donate, meaning the DNA will be withdrawn automatically from the other person as you fills their request, lol. Now it makes sense. I’ve thought about your idea before, earning your request by donation.

My only concern would be alliances see the same requests very often. Irritator, Kaprosuchus, etc.

right so they would go unfilled unfortunately.

nothing really changes except for a catalyst to start it all off. whether thats buy requests or something, im not sure havent worked it out that far.

Yes I think the main issue right now is many people are working towards similar teams. Eventually, the most wanted DNA would’ve been used towards upgrades or everyone has ran low from donating them all.

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in the alliance that im a part of “sand dunes” there are repeat requests but also unique requests and for the most part they get filled rather quickly. its an awesome group. stuff like dracorex, irri and utahraptor might take a little longer though. i fill dracorex when i can if i go out hunting since i do see it more often. but irri dna im a cheap crab with lol. thats all expected though. i just want to make sure that everyone is pitching in since that is the reason for joining the group.

maybe they can make it so that the group leader can choose whether the group is click for click or not.


Yes, that might be a good idea. I think selfish members is a bit of an illusion created by requests, because we can get a large sum of coins if we are able to donate to every request. The 15k limit for level 20 is huge. The problem is when all the requests are asking for DNAs we need ourselves, we can’t afford to donate to all of them. Even at level 10, I was broke on coins often, lol, so I feel most would donate if they can.

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that might be adjustable by the value of each click. like if Ludia makes it something like for 1 click you get 5 clicks or something like that. its just an idea and i get what you are saying. i can only speak for my alliance when i say that they usually ask for other things rather then the usual.


Sounds like you are in a good alliance! I’ve joined a few so far and they’ve all had similar requests. The first week after the update I was able to max out donation coins but I started to run out of DNA’s unless I abandon hopes of upgrading some meta dinos myself. I try to use one of my requests for something I need then something plentiful for the other, so people can get coins, but unfortunately, without a good team, it’s a waste of time.

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yeah i think the trick is the amount of members. we are maxxed. Even then, i still see the same people donating. so there is even more potential.


Anyone experiencing people requesting DNA that are not in your clan?

I thought it would be more of a one on one trade. I send a message I need Utah. Someone posts they have Utah and they are willing to trade it for Kapro. I do not have Kapro but offer Spinosaurus. They accept and we trade Utah for Spino on a DNA to DNA basis until we reach the limit. So 500 for 500 (or an agreed on amount, 50, 100…) or a ratio for Common to Rare.

This way no one comes out an overall donor or over all requestor, to get you have to give. The two players come up with a mutual exchange. It could even be junk common for prime rare, it would depend on the agreement.

The exchange is out in the open so if anyone reneges on the agreement, it is known to all and no one will trade with them after that, self-regulating.

I originally thought the coins came from the person requesting, I did not know they were from the game. I would prefer if coins were not involved at all and it was just DNA for DNA between two specific users.


Think I will agree all but one thing: let these trades take place between alliances, I would rather keep the donation ritual in ours.

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What did you find that works well? Just using the current system or have you modified it?

you tagged me but quoted him lol. hes talking about how good our alliance works.

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