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Click this link to help fund a good cause!

This link is to a YouTube video. Stream it with ads! 100% of the money from these ads goes to bail funds to release protestors. Show the world what us young people are capable of!
Here is the link:

I see you mr moderator you better not completely remove this!

Please be advised we can not guarantee where the funds go. We advise forums users to be cautious and verify and charitable sites or claims to be sure the money go s where you expect.

Support causes that are important to you and exercise caution. Stay safe out there.


I rather not do this, the internet is a harsh place

I thinks it’s a genuine cause but I respect your decision. And you could be right

But, PEACEFUL PROTESTERS don’t get arrested…
Violent looters do…
Don’t support these loosers

what about reporters and news media who are being injured or arrested for just doing their jobs?

Worker’s compensation compensates injured workers. If a reporter gets arrested while doing their job, then their employer will most likely help to rectify their situation.

I don’t agree with all the looting and what not, but the individuals that start that during what is supposed to be a peaceful protest should be the ones getting charged. Innocent people are getting hurt because of a few bad apples that want to cause trouble. Children getting maced. civilians not even part of the protest are getting hurt. People are getting rammed with vehicles. And i’ve seen horrific photos of people who had the unlucky fortune of getting hit in the head with rubber rounds.
I sympathize with the root cause of why they’re protesting, but the violence on both sides needs to stop.

Should see on reddit how looters were saying it’s fine because the companies are rich anyway. Yeah, and did they care about the black firefighter whose shop they ruined? And now I’m sure they’ll try to look innocent to take advantage of the donations.

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Many peaceful protestors have been arrested. The funds are going to protestors that have been arrested. Not looters. I don’t support looting and the looters are not protestors. They are taking advantage of the diverted police attention, which is on the protests. This also funds funeral services for the families of victims and to advocacy groups to end police brutality.
Let’s try to keep a game forum away from political argument. If you don’t want to watch the video, don’t. It’s that simple.


I do not trust online transactions. There are too many scammers out there.

What is happening right now is scary.

Please let us not echo the fear and uncertainty in the outside world in the forum’s. I do not want to have to moderate this topic. Please do not make me moderate this topic.


Still looting is a crime punishable by law. So they did the crime they can do the time. Just saying and I may be harsh but it is a reality.


For anyone who wants to stand up against hatred towards blacks, you can also donate here at any time.

It’s NOT a must, especially if you’re financially struggling. But if you have some spare money, I’d definitely recommend it.

This isn’t for the looters

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JC I really appreciate and admire your diplomacy. I feel like we don’t say “thank you” enough. You could have held a hardline on this, but you’re being completely fair. I just wanted to say “thank you” for that.


I agree, we should be happy in times like these, not arguing and fighting, just being happy can change a person. Minneapolis is just over there in the upper United states, I don’t worry about it( Considering I live in a town who really doesn’t care) and I look to the bright side.

Please everyone. Just leave Minneapolis to itself.

Thought so

Oops, my bad