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Cloak and evasivr stance

Wondering why cloak and evasive stance are not good working, why does distrackting it always?
Give that also a 66 % of 66 just like cloac.
I have the idea iif I use that it never works, for me than

They tried to balance it, but made it useless.

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The nerve on dodge/cloak is ridiculous as (apart from a few creatures) is was 66% chance anyway. Now it’s 66% chance on dodging a part of the damage. Utterly useless and unnecessary.

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They tried to balance it, and succeeded because having something dodge 5 times in a row is stupid and broken.


I agree they needed to nerf it for the exact reason you mentioned, but making it useless was beyond what was necessary.
I’m now able to reliably 1 hit kill something that has activated evade/cloak, they should have removed it and replaced it with something useful.

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How about making dodge and cloak a counter for defense shattering moves, that way it works against chompers like Thor and Tryko and at the same time makes the Precise Moves to take more in account when building a team5

they couldve just left it and instead gave us a Dino that could counter it that was worth levelling up and putting on our teams

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So before you had a 50%|50% chance.
Full damage or 0 damage.

Now you still have a 50% chance to be 100% damaged…Or 50% to receive 33% of the damage.

So in the best scenario a 100% evassive from a swap in quetzorion against a Cloaked erlidominus (2000 base attack) will still receive 2720 damage!!!

Who the hell thought this was fair for the battles?

You had problems dealing with cloakers? You had good options to deal with them quite easily. The problem is all the ones who cried because they never worked on their counters.

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The nerf was unnecessary. People didn’t seem to understand that you can get 6 dodges in a row because that is how randomness works. The new precise animals added were not going to see use for a long time because players already have higher level teams.

Dodge needs to go back to what it was desperately.

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Hope they listen to us…

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They did… But they still don’t know how to make it work. (Qetzorion)

Long invincibility + cloak RECEIVES DAMAGE


This is far from serious

I’d rather have that than an indoraptor judging 6 times in a row for the win. I had plenty of things to deal with it, it was still busted.

I personally had no problem with how evasion was before hand. Ludia gave us plenty of counters for it if we were willing to use them. I used monostegotops and purutaurus as my counters to evasion. It didn’t always work in my favor. I don’t know how many matches I’ve won because my own evasion went off, just as much as I don’t know how many I’ve lost because it didn’t. On that note, it is what it is now. It still works but has different mechanics. All that’s needed now is to adapt to its new play style.

i would love to bring dodge back the way it was, but change evasive stance to have a 75% chanse to dodge for 2 turns, but still have 3 (if not maybe even 4) turns cool down. then i think it would be kind of like cloak, but it has an extra 25% higher chance of dodging instead of x2 damage bonus