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Cloak clarification

Haven’t used cloak in a while, need a refresher. Does the extra 2x damage get added ONLY if I cloak out of turn and successfully dodge twice in a row? But let’s say it’s my turn and I cloak, is it nothing more than a nerfed evade?

As long as it’s not nullified, it’s always 2x damage.

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It will only do 2X extra damage if you hit them while you are still cloaked. So if they nullify you, that big hit is gone.


To further clarify, the dodge can fail. You just don’t want to be nullified.


As long as nothing uses a nullifying strike on you right after you cloak and before you hit them you will get 2x damage regardless of whether or not you dodge their hits. You can get hit twice and still do 2x damage as long as you are still cloaked on the hit.

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