Cloak-Dodge-Evade - Ludia, you didn’t balance them well!

Ludia, you turned These evasive traits’ dodge to simply a 50% chance at decreasing damage by 2/3.

You stated that you compensated for this by buffing a bit the creatures that have these abilities. Wrong, you chose to only buff the non-apex / virtually insignificant ones, but hobbled the apexes. You chose to hate upon Indoraptor, Indominus, and Erlidominus.

By choosing to beef up both the Strike Power and Health Power of the lesser creatures, but only the Strike Power of these apexes.

Why does this matter? Well, these creatures are basically the only Apexes besides Thor that you can make without your dreadedly Incubator locked creatures combined with the fact that players cannot move extremely rare boosts between creatures.

(Please also refer to the Post: “Cloak is not the issue”)

It is so frustrating to keep trying to battle up and collect and fuse DNA up ones creatures, only to stay at the same level forever!!! If you keep nerfing the apexes that one can actually obtain, then how can one even move up in the ranks.

I collect and battle at the max that I can, but because of your extremely bad decision to only Incubator release the creatures to fuse meaningful apexes that you can buff permanently, because it’s permanent with no ability to rotate, I cannot move up the tiers any way I try to - both theoretically and empirically!!! RELEASE THE INCUBATOR LOCKED COMPONENTS!!! GIVE US A CHANCE!!!