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I don’t know if it is just me and bad luck, but does anybody feel as if their cloak or dodge abilities just aren’t working properly? 75% chance to evade incoming damage, and almost every single attack has gone through my Indom’s cloak or others evasive stance. I’ve also been going through my opponents dodges and cloaks way more often than I usually should, knowing it’s a 75% chance to not go through.

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Uh, what? Phorusaura’s dodge chance is 100%. Same with Phorusrhacos.

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I was using my indom v his. We both go cloak and then armor piercing rampage. He dodges mine I don’t dodge his it is so frustrating

My bad I read it wrong lol

Bruh. Cloak wears off after you attack. If yours is faster you should Cloak after your opponent does.

Speed ties?

It wears off after that turn
I know where you’re coming from because unless it has dodge you kill it

75% over all hits on dodge/cloak means that a run of good or awful luck is very possible. Same is true for getting crit spammed. Keep in mind that for cloak specifically (as mentioned above) cloak falls AS SOON AS YOU ATTACK, meaning if 2 full HP equal speed indom cloak you’re often better off hitting second so you dodge their hit and one shot them. Dodge from evasive strike/stance however falls at the end of the final turn.

It wears off after the attack, not after that turn.

Cloak is an attack-enhancer so when the attack is made that’s it. So when you have an Indomunis Rex and your opponent has one, it’s one of those rarer situations when it’s better to go LAST instead of first. If you’re first you can only hope to make it through that 25% chance to hit, but if you go second you hit regardless (unless you were particularly unlucky and died).

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