Cloak error


So just battling against a raptor.
Used cloak, it did the move but it didn’t cloak me.
Raptor attacked me, and I died.

Anyone else had this problem?

Indominus Rex Cloak Bug

Its not problem, it just doesn’t show the effect if raptor gonna kill you with that hit :slight_smile: so u know already if that raptor gonna kill you :slight_smile: but if cloak comes then he will miss.

btw, im the guy u yelling some post, no need to thx.


You’re half right, if the cloak doesn’t register it’s a one hit ko. But if the cloak works doesn’t mean he’s not going take dmg, just not get swept with one hit thus the 50% comes into play.


Yeah thats true, but i guess her problem is that one hit KO :slight_smile: I think he saw the Invincible animation otherwise.


this is like the 5th of these topics. its working fine. buffs/debuffs simply dont display if the target it going to die that turn. watch pounce or shields etc you can see they dont display but they still work.


It’s in the same boat as sometimes dinosaurs hang their heads if they’re going to get stunned that turn, before they’re already stunned.

With the Indominus it looks lke the cloak failed. Feels like it, too, since when it happens it’s because you got knocked out. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s just some of the programming getting ahead of itself.


There have been over 10 times when I use the cloak skill when my Indominus Rex has suffered damage and the skill will not trigger. When he is undamaged, I haven’t had any issues with the cloak skill.


I don’t think the cloak is 100 % guaranteed to work every time! If you read it it says 50% chance of dodging damage in the same way stun on a greater stunning has 75 % chance!

If I’m not mistaken instant invincibility is the only guaranteed move to not take damage from any one


Actually, Instant Invincibility is a “shield,” and while it gives 100% protection from raw damage, any shield-destroying attacks (such as from Tyrannosaurus Rex) will bypass it completely and do full damage. It does not guarantee the user from not taking any damage at all.