Cloak/evasive - does going back to 100% mitigation make sense?

Just wondering thoughts here. Before our only answers were to try to tank though it or null it - now, with resilient creatures, removing cloak is super easy - barely an inconvenience.

You may say - oh really?

To which I’d reply: Yeah - look how many resilient we have!! Would help them counter fierce better (looking at you thor - critting through cloak…)


I never liked the way they addressed the cloak/evasive issue… I always was on the side that thought diminishing returns was the best way to address it… ie almost guranteed to dodge the first attack, very good chance to dodge the second attack and very low chance to dodge the third.

That said in this meta I would have no issues with cloak going back to 100% because there are so many ways to deal with it right now. Back then most of the cloak and nullifies weren’t really good in the meta now half the meta or better can deal with evasive moves.

The only concern I have is that at some point Ludia nerfs resilient to the point we’re not running many of any of them. It’d be close to going full circle.


I took off my cunning creatures with cloak that was on my roster. It just does not hold up in the current meta. I’m all for cunning getting 100% as I think it would make them viable again. Otherwise, they will just sit out and keep the bench warm.


I dont know …

The current dodge/cloak mechanic is all right, although resilients counter it way to easily.

But going back to the 50% to dodge 100% of all the damage sounds like RNG to me again.

To be honest I really don’t know

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50% chance to dodge 100% of damage? Sounds ok to me.

Another way to potentially resolve the resilient issue is to make resilient not remove dodge and cloak. It already does so much anyway, and resilients are very dominant in the meta

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I could get behind a 100% chance to dodge if that’s all the pertainant move did. The problem is that there are so many flavors of dodge now (prowl/sidestep/fearless flap) on top of the evasive moves that make me think that it may be a bit much to say 100% for ALL dodging moves. Perhaps just the “evasive subset”* could get the 100%?

*Evasive Stance/Strike/Impact/Rampage

And, not to derail the topic, but another thought would be to separate Cloak from Dodge a bit more and say that definite moves have no effect on removing Cloak. Sure, they can hit through them, but wouldn’t remove it altogether. Would add a bit more power to the (mostly) cunning creatures that have that move.


If say change dodge/cloak abilities to a 75% chance to dodge 100% of damage. I knwo that seems like a lot but its easy to remove cloak with so many resilient creatures around. Of course some moves wouldn’t be affected I e Camouflage sidestep swap in dodge and sideflap


no, i dont wan’t to go back to 100% evasion, i want 100% chance to dodge 67% or 75% damage


Evasive and cloak are fine we just need to reduce resilient move distribution

How to fix dodge:

Step 1: Make all resilient attacks precise instead of removing dodge (merge with superiority strike/impact to reduce redundancy).
Step 2: In order for resilients to still counter cunning dodge users, create a new class of moves that only decelerate and remove dodge (but NOT distraction). Distribute these moves to a LIMITED number of resilients (e.g. stegosaurs as “thagomizer” attacks in place of their group deceleration attacks, or given to rhinos in place of their resilient attacks so that their high attack stats can be countered a bit).
3. Make dodge itself more reliable. Having a 100% chance to dodge some damage would be nice. Something like “100% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage” or “66.7% chance to dodge 75% of damage, 33.4% chance to dodge 25% of damage”, etc.


I like this ^

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Exactly, we should have “distractors cunning”, “dodger cunning” and so on with their abilities and there should be resilient that can deal mostly with dodgers, mostly with distractor and so on. Of course a dodger cunning also can have distraction, but it’s main characteristic should be evasion.

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I just don’t get why resilient removes cloak

Because Ludia said so

Well give all of then a 100% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage, there are already a lot of resilient and dodge bypassing creatures I don’t think that would have a huge affect

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