Cloak is a stupid move


OK so shoot me down I’m gonna say it anyway, “I think Cloak is a stupid move”. Granted that’s what anyone who doesn’t have an indominus Rex counter will say (and anything they use gets 1HKO’d anyway), but even for those constantly failing the 50/50 dodge roll may agree. It’s stupid because it actually throws all skill out the window and relies so heavily upon RNG. It’s stupid that it’s so inconsistent and stupid that it carries the damage modifier that it does. It’s also stupid because it’s so out of keeping with the rest of the meta and ‘spirit of the game’. I just need to get that one off my chest, Cloak is stupid and out of place, please feel free to disagree with me.


Cloak can be easily beaten with nulifying strike. Combined with the fact that using cloak itself doesn’t do any damage the 2x multiplier is relatively fair. I believe 1.5 would be more appropriate since two of the moves already have multipliers to damage.


I have an Indominus but rarely have it in the team - relying on 50/50 luck isn’t to my taste.


Thats why i have my koolasuchus allways on my team he heats indominus for breakfast


Indominus is a last ditch effort to win a game you are losing. That’s all it really is. He is built that way. If he didn’t have cloak his power would have to double and he would need shield breaking.


Indominous is super fun to throw in at the end of a game you’re winning too, for no reason other than to smash the opponent to itty bitty pieces. :smiley:


ok, let’s see. Indominus Rex. Cloak. Yeah, the usual stuff of course…

no, Indominus is not a one-hit-wonder. But it’s a killer against Stegoceratops. I like her.
She has Immunity and basic tank busting attacks. She can’t be stunned, slowed down, weakened or else. So it’s a pretty good choice against dinosaurs that do just that.
Shields and Nullifying attacks are it’s weaknesses, yes but not every dinosaur has them.
You should expect her to be hit at least once if not twice while using cloak. Make sure, that this doesn’t defeat her right away. Relying on luck/RNG is not a very tactical behaviour.


this argument doesn’t work (i’ve tried repeatedly) because for whatever reason people think this kind of thing NEEDS to be in the game.


I love my irex and am not ashamed to use it. But yes it is a gamble and win loose its 50/50. There is no equality in this game. Where you live, how much time you have or how much money to spend on it all make huge diffrences. Ill take 50% anyday. Worked hard to get him and i dont have time or money to keep up otherwise


Honestly, cloak should be even better than it is. In “reality” it was not a 50% chance. Not like Indominus is hiding in the trees thinking “hope they don’t see me”. It just did it, because it could.


In reality it wouldn’t respond to commands…


Cloak as a move is dumb. Cloak shouldn’t be a move that gives you a 50% chance to dodge. It should be a baseline evasion that gives you 25% chance.



2 cents. I enjoy the cloak move because it’s like rolling dice. Even when the other person uses cloak an I don’t have Indo on my team.


sad that’s what you thought the point was…


Cloak drives me about as crazy as any stunning move does, because any RNG that isn’t in player control will naturally drive some players nuts.

However I do sometimes use I. Rex as a hail-Mary attempt to win an otherwise lost match. Rarely does it work, and I’m sweating until I see if she gets her random dodges, but heck, it’s nice when it does.


I’m not under any illusion that they’ll change anything regarding cloak, just sharing my opinion. However it’s also stupid not just because it’s doesn’t fit into this game properly but because it just doesn’t do anything like ‘cloaking’ in the Jurassic World movie… it’s ‘CAMOUFLAGED’. It doesn’t vanish - it comes out of hiding (check the clip on YouTube). This game has made Indominus Rex into a flipping stealth fighter or something. Granted it’s just a 50% evasion move (stacked with x2 buff) but this creature should NOT have both cloak and immunity either IMHO.


cloak is the whole move combined though, invisibility, 2x attack and dodge. the invisibility is basically camouflaged, just called something different. it was “invisible” because it was camouflaged hiding in the trees, essentially vanishing since the ACU team couldn’t see it.

then when it comes out of hiding, attacks at an increased rate because it killed the whole team in 10 seconds. i was stating that it’s more powerful in “real life” since it’s not a chance skill IREX has, it just does it because it can.


No need to be sad, it’s allright. :wink:


What if cloak was her special ability… instead of immunity… cloak activates when she enters the fight and still hold the same odds but no x2 damage boost on top of the x1.5 and x2 it already has… thoughts?